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Sven Lohse

Sven is a Principal Analyst with global responsibility for NelsonHall's Healthcare & Insurance BPS research program. He is covering key insurance areas including P&C and life & annuities insurance, and, from next year, healthcare payer and provider BPS.

Sven supports both the buyers and sellers of healthcare & insurance BPS as they develop and execute their business strategies, operations, and go-to-market approaches. He is a recognized industry thought leader with 20 years' experience and a global perspective in industry analyst, management consulting, and corporate strategy roles.

During his career, Sven has addressed strategic and operational challenges in several industry sectors including the healthcare payer, healthcare provider and property & casualty insurance verticals. For the last 8 years, he served clients at the intersection of healthcare and BPS and IT services, where he advised many of the world's largest healthcare organizations and their IT consulting/outsourcing service providers on planning, funding, and improving business strategies, operations, competitive positioning, and marketing.

Having joined NelsonHall in August 2018, Sven's first published project will analyse the global healthcare payer BPS market.

Based in the U.S., Sven has a BA in Interdisciplinary Humanities and an MBA, both from the University of Chicago. He speaks German and Czech, and his international work experience includes three years in Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, and the UK.

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Reports by Sven Lohse:

  • Next Generation Healthcare Payer BPS

    Mar 05, 2019 | Market Analysis by Sven Lohse

    NelsonHall's market analysis "Next Generation Healthcare Payer BPS" details the current state of the market and analyzes the ramifications of the most significant trends for both the buyers and vendors of BPS. Ramifications of trends in the commercial payer market: Unsustainable economic and demographic trends make it likely [...]
    view this reportdownload abstract
  • Accenture - Healthcare Payer BPS

    Mar 04, 2019 | Vendor Analysis by Sven Lohse

    Branded "Accenture Intelligent Operations", Accenture offers payer (and provider) customers BPS services. Healthcare payer BPS capabilities lie within Accenture's Health and Public Services business unit. [...]
    view this reportdownload abstract
  • Infosys - Healthcare Payer BPS

    Mar 04, 2019 | Vendor Analysis by Sven Lohse

    For healthcare payer BPS, Infosys is almost entirely focused on serving commercial health plans in the U.S. NelsonHall estimates that Infosys serves at least seven commercial health plans. NelsonHall estimates that Infosys healthcare BPS clients (payer and provider) generate less than 5% of Infosys revenue from service lines cross IT and BPS. In [...]
    view this reportdownload abstract
  • NTT Data - Healthcare Payer BPS

    Mar 04, 2019 | Vendor Analysis by Sven Lohse

    NTT DATA’s corporate restructuring does not appear to be disruptive to its health plan BPS business, which is operating with independence and with confidence.  Since 2015, when it acquired Dell Services’ 47 health plan clients, NTT DATA has increased the number of health plan clients by 15 accounts (approximately half are BPS clien [...]
    view this reportdownload abstract
  • Optum - Healthcare Payer BPS

    Mar 04, 2019 | Vendor Analysis by Sven Lohse

    As Optum exceeds $100bn in revenue its growth has slowed from the torrid, double-digit rate of its early years. Priority has shifted toward integration of its product and service offerings from the many components of its growth over the past two decades for different functions of the healthcare ecosystem). Priority continues to be on growth beyond [...]
    view this reportdownload abstract

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    Apr 18, 2019, by Sven Lohse

      In my previous blog, I described how, since 2017, Sutherland has created a shared services model that obviates the need for participating California health plans to separately build and update parallel databases to track the availability of providers of nonurgent care for Medicaid reci[...]

  • Benefitfocus: Strategy Shift & Other Key Updates

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      In this blog, I look at how Sutherland tackled the challenge of health plans maintaining accurate provider data in the state of California. The challenge: inaccurate health plan data about providers It’s been difficult for health plans in California to maintain accurate, up[...]

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