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David Lees

David is an analyst at NelsonHall, the leading Outsourcing Research and Analysis firm, specializing in end-user interviewing across the whole range of BPS and ITS markets covered by NelsonHall.

David plays a key role across projects, conducting interviews with clients of vendor organizations around the world. David has been part of the NelsonHall team since January 2013, conducting interviews which provide vital input to projects, supporting opportunity identification and supplier capability assessment in each sector.

Prior to joining NelsonHall, David gained extensive experience over 18 years as a specialist qualitative researcher in both the public and private sectors. He has worked in a range of industries, including health, finance, engineering and manufacturing, utilities, education and local and national government. Before his career as a researcher and analyst, David spent his early working life as a graphic designer (traditionally trained in the days before computers). David has a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design from the then Newcastle Polytechnic and a Diploma in Marketing.

He lives in the north east of England with his wife, Chris. He is a keen fan of Newcastle United (soccer), and of Somerset (cricket) and he is a frustrated golfer. His other interests include table tennis, watercolor painting, and the theatre.

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