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Dominique Raviart

Dominique Raviart is the IT Services Practice Director at NelsonHall, with global responsibility for IT Services research programs.

Dominique has shared responsibility for IT Services research globally with David McIntire, John Larherty, and Mike Smart. Dominique covers IT Services research in the areas of Software Testing/QA, Big Data and Analytics Services, Salesforce services, and IoT Services. Dominique has been part of NelsonHall's IT Services analyst team since 2007, providing comprehensive and insightful coverage of IT services markets in the world. In particular, he is widely known for his extensive knowledge and coverage of software testing, having examined recently digital testing and DevOps/continuous testing. Dominique assists both buy-side and vendor organizations in assessing opportunities and supplier capability across IT service lines.

His current project is Digital Manufacturing Services: From Concept to Reality.

Dominique is a regular blog contributor around topics including software testing, IoT services, Salesforce services, and big data and analytics services. He also presents regularly on software testing/QA.

Dominique has worked in the IT Services industry since 1998. He started his career providing SAP training and change management services in the U.S. and in the U.K. He has worked for IDC and Ovum in Paris, Amsterdam and London.

Dominique holds a Master of International Business Studies/International MBA from University of South Carolina, U.S. He lives in Paris.

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Reports by Dominique Raviart:

  • Ubertesters – Crowdtesting 2019

    May 29, 2019 | Vendor Analysis by Dominique Raviart

    Ubertesters was set up in 2013 by two entrepreneurs of Israeli origin, who had been struggling to source personnel and software tools for testing a mobile app they had created for a taxi start-up, GetTaxi. Initially, Ubertesters created its crowdtesting Platform SaaS product, with the intent of managing projects and crowdtesters, and of providin [...]
    view this reportdownload abstract
  • Applause – Crowdtesting 2019

    May 23, 2019 | Vendor Analysis by Dominique Raviart

    Applause, formerly known as uTest, was founded in 2007. The Framingham, MA (U.S.) headquartered company is a pioneer in crowdtesting. Applause started its crowdtesting activities by providing (manual) functional testing, initially targeting start-ups. Through the economic downturn, Applause gained contracts with well-known clients such as Micros [...]
    view this reportdownload abstract
  • passbrains – Crowdtesting 2019

    May 23, 2019 | Vendor Analysis by Dominique Raviart

    passbrains is headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland and was founded in 1989 as PASS Group. PASS Group launched passbrains in January 2012 to offer crowdtesting services, focusing initially on functional testing, and to some extent on security testing, and compatibility testing, localization testing, and usability testing. In the past three y [...]
    view this reportdownload abstract
  • Digivante/BugFinders – Crowdtesting 2019

    May 22, 2019 | Vendor Analysis by Dominique Raviart

    Digivante is a large crowdtesting vendor, with a community of 55k crowdtesters. Its key clients include large enterprises (e.g., Epson, Worldpay, Bang & Olufsen), digital agencies, and retail firms. Digivante is owned by its founders and key executives and has not taken any outside investment; it believes this ownership structure helps it to [...]
    view this reportdownload abstract
  • Software Testing Services: AI and Digital Lead Investment in Next-Gen Testing

    Mar 11, 2019 | Market Analysis by Dominique Raviart

    NelsonHall's market analysis of the software testing services, digital testing services, and crowdtesting market consists of 79 pages. It provides an in-depth understanding of the dynamics at play in the software testing services and focuses on next-gen testing services, defined as follows: mobile testing, UX testing, RPA and testing, AI and te [...]
    view this reportdownload abstract

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