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Dominique Raviart

Dominique Raviart is the IT Services Practice Director at NelsonHall, with global responsibility for IT Services research programs.

Dominique has shared responsibility for IT Services research globally with David McIntire, John Larherty, and Mike Smart. Dominique covers IT Services research in the areas of Software Testing/QA, Big Data and Analytics Services, Salesforce services, and IoT Services. Dominique has been part of NelsonHall's IT Services analyst team since 2007, providing comprehensive and insightful coverage of IT services markets in the world. In particular, he is widely known for his extensive knowledge and coverage of software testing, having examined recently digital testing and DevOps/continuous testing. Dominique assists both buy-side and vendor organizations in assessing opportunities and supplier capability across IT service lines.

His current project is Digital Manufacturing Services: From Concept to Reality.

Dominique is a regular blog contributor around topics including software testing, IoT services, Salesforce services, and big data and analytics services. He also presents regularly on software testing/QA.

Dominique has worked in the IT Services industry since 1998. He started his career providing SAP training and change management services in the U.S. and in the U.K. He has worked for IDC and Ovum in Paris, Amsterdam and London.

Dominique holds a Master of International Business Studies/International MBA from University of South Carolina, U.S. He lives in Paris.

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Reports by Dominique Raviart:

  • HCL Technologies – Next-Gen Testing Services

    Jan 22, 2019 | Vendor Analysis by Dominique Raviart

    HCL Tech created its independent verification and validation services (IV&V) practice of full-time career testers in 1999, during Y2K preparation projects. HCL’s IV&V practice had a background in providing testing services for its product engineering service unit, which itself is the background of HCL Technologies. In calendar year [...]
    view this reportdownload abstract
  • Tech Mahindra – Next-Gen Testing Services

    Jan 18, 2019 | Vendor Analysis by Dominique Raviart

    Tech Mahindra's Digital Assurance Services (DAS) plays several roles. DAS is a CoE and oversees pre-sales consulting; is responsible for the creation of service offerings; builds and maintains IPs, accelerators, and platforms; and undertakes delivery of certain projects. The unit has dotted line responsibility for testing delivery. Tech Mahi [...]
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  • Salesforce Services

    Dec 05, 2018 | Market Analysis by Dominique Raviart

    NelsonHall's market analysis of the Salesforce services consists of 62 pages. It provides an in-depth understanding of the dynamics at play in the Salesforce services market.  [...]
    view this reportdownload abstract
  • Accenture – Salesforce Services

    Oct 26, 2018 | Vendor Analysis by Dominique Raviart

    In 2015, Accenture acquired Cloud Sherpas, a U.S.-based IT service vendor with a background in Google Apps (now called G suite) that has expanded to Salesforce (SFDC) services, Microsoft Office, and ServiceNow services. At the time of the acquisition, Cloud Sherpas had 1.1k personnel, including 500 SFDC consultants. The acquisition of Cloud Sherpas [...]
    view this reportdownload abstract
  • Tech Mahindra – Salesforce Services

    Oct 26, 2018 | Vendor Analysis by Dominique Raviart

    Tech Mahindra launched its Salesforce (SFDC) practice in 2006. The practice initially addressed the technical side of Salesforce projects, with ~50 consultants. Over time Tech Mahindra's Salesforce practice (SP) changed its positioning and has since addressed both the business and technology sides of projects. To achieve this dual positionin [...]
    view this reportdownload abstract

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