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UK Central Government

Insightful Analysis to Drive Your UK Central Government Strategy. NelsonHall's Government Sourcing Program is a dedicated service for organizations evaluating, or actively engaged in, the outsourcing of government industry-specific processes such as revenues & benefits, family support services, and welfare-to-work.

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UK Central Government:

  • IBM Cloud Infrastructure Investments Lead IBM Outsourcing Transformation

    Feb 04, 2015, by Rachael Stormonth

    Overall IBM Group revenues in 2014 declined 6% (-1% in CC and excluding divestitures). However, IBM is in the midst of a major adjustment of its portfolio. In line with this, the company is reporting $25bn in revenues (and 16% revenue growth) in 2014 (out of a total of $92.8bn) from its "str[...]

  • Serco's Profits Decline Following its Annus Horribilis

    Mar 04, 2014, by NelsonHall Analyst

    Serco announced its 2013 results this week including: Revenue £4,288.1m up +5.6%, up +6.7% at constant currency (CC) Operating profit was £143.8m, a margin of 3.4%, down 330 bps The decline in profits was anticipated with a warning given by the company to this effect only a [...]

  • Hartlepool Council Goes for a Safe Bet with ICT Partnership Award to Northgate PS

    Feb 10, 2014, by NelsonHall Analyst

    The new deal between Hartlepool Council and Northgate Public Services (PS) shows how old-style local authority partnership contracts can evolve. This, is a low risk deal for Hartlepool Council, unlike other local authority partnerships of yester-year that failed to deliver.  For a start, Northg[...]

  • Capita Gears up for London Congestion Charging Contract but at What Price?

    Jan 29, 2014, by NelsonHall Analyst

    Earlier this month Capita confirmed that it had won back the London congestion charging contract from IBM. The contract with TfL is for £145m for five years starting from November 2015, with an additional five-year extension option. The scope of the new contract has expanded to inclu[...]

  • ERG Aims for World-class Procurement Services with Crown Commercial Service

    Jan 09, 2014, by NelsonHall Analyst

    NelsonHall recently attended a briefing by the Cabinet Office Efficiency and Reform Group (ERG) about the new Crown Commercial Service (CCS). This has replaced Government Procurement Service (GPS) and is to become the most comprehensive government procurement services provider in Europe. It is to ad[...]

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UK Central Government:

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