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Atos - Private Cloud Services

Vendor Analysis

by NelsonHall Analyst

published on Apr 02, 2012

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Report Overview:

Report Outline:

This NelsonHall vendor assessment analyzes the private cloud services offerings and capabilities of Atos and consists of 13 pages.

Atos, a major IT services organization, entered the private server cloud space in October 2009 with its 'Atos Sphere' cloud. Atos has since evolved its private cloud portfolio to include three 'Atos Sphere' platforms: Atos Sphere Dedicated, Atos Sphere Private and Atos Sphere Shared. The three offerings differ on aspects including the level of resource sharing, the number of tenants using the environment, security levels, availability and flexibility.

Atos is looking to expand its private cloud portfolio in the future to include community clouds and in the immediate future, form partnerships with public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Service in preparation for its hybrid cloud offering.

Across the three offerings Atos is able to target organizations of all sizes. The 'Atos Sphere' clouds are positioned across the Atos groups target verticals with similar take up levels besides the healthcare and financial services sector where it is subdued. By geography private cloud adoption is similar to traditional outsourcing although Spain remains a soft market for Atos.

Table of contents:

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