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Yocto - Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Vendor Analysis

by Gary Bragar

published on May 17, 2016

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Report Overview:

This NelsonHall vendor assessment analyzes Yocto - The RPO Division of TMP Worldwide U.K.’s offerings and capabilities in Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Who is this Report for:

NelsonHall’s recruitment process outsourcing vendor assessment for Yocto is a comprehensive assessment of Yocto’s recruitment process outsourcing offering and capabilities, designed for: 

  • Sourcing managers monitoring the capabilities of existing suppliers of recruitment process outsourcing and identifying vendor suitability for recruitment process outsourcing RFPs 
  • Vendor marketing, sales, and business managers looking to benchmark themselves against their peers 
  • Financial analysts and investors specializing in the support services sector 
  • HR decision makers.


Scope of this Report:

The report provides a comprehensive and objective analysis of Yocto’s recruitment process outsourcing offering, capabilities, and market and financial strength, including: 

  • Identification of the company’s strategy, emphasis, and new developments 
  • Analysis of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and outlook
  • Revenue estimates
  • Analysis of the profile of the company’s customer base including the company’s targeting strategy and examples of current contracts
  • Analysis of the company’s offerings and key service components
  • Analysis of the company’s delivery organization including the location, size and scale of delivery locations and their activities.


Key Findings & Highlights:

Yocto – The RPO Division of TMP Worldwide (Yocto) is a U.K. based RPO provider with ~205 employees. It has 12 RPO clients and performed ~11k hires in 2015. In March 2016, TMP Worldwide rebranded as Yocto – The RPO Division of TMP Worldwide U.K. 

Yocto offers the following services:

  • Employer branding: encompasses EVP and brand narrative through brand guidelines, toolkits and content management systems 
  • Entry level talent: includes end to end emerging talent recruitment including on-campus activity
  • Public service: its government, healthcare, and education solutions team tailors its RPO solution for public sector clients
  • Communications: includes creating communication strategy focusing on digital engagement and social media
  • Assessment services: Yocto is test agnostic. Its team of occupational psychologists determine the appropriate tests to identify the right behaviors necessary for success, for a particular role. It is also involved in job analysis, job design, competency models, high performer models and all areas of assessment selection. It also designs, builds, and delivers bespoke situational judgement tests and realistic job reviews.

Yocto primarily services the U.K. (~97% of hires), with very limited hiring in North America, Asia Pacific and Latin America. It has 205 employees in the U.K. and the majority of recruitment services are delivered from its Bristol (U.K.) service center.  

Yocto currently services ~12 RPO clients. It targets U.K. based organizations with both high volume hiring needs such as contact centers, retail banking and emerging talent programs; and more specialist hiring with multiple sectors including manufacturing, transportation, and telecommunications. 


Table of contents:

Table of contents:

  • Background
  • Revenue Summary
  • Key Offerings
  • Current Offerings
  • Benefits Achieved
  • New Developments
  • Delivery Capability and Partnerships
  • Geographical Capability
  • Technical Capability
  • Partnerships
  • Target Markets
  • Overview Target Market
  • Profile of Key Clients
  • Recent Wins
  • Strategy
  • Strengths and Challenges
  • Strengths
  • Challenges
  • Outlook

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