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Free RPA Webinar

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the most significant game-changing developments in sourcing in recent years. It is revolutionizing many areas of business process services, increasingly bringing down the numbers of FTEs required to handle rule-based transactional processes, and increasing the level of straight-through-processing. And though RPA is in many ways still in its infancy, a number of leading organizations have successfully implemented RPA projects and are seeing the benefits of continuous improvement in legacy processes at price points, and in timescales, that were previously unattainable.

NelsonHall's Buyer Intelligence Group (BIG) runs a series of webinars on RPA for its members, the latest of which was recorded as a series of six videos that are essential viewing for anyone needing to understand RPA, where best to apply it, and how to derive significant benefits from RPA projects.

You can watch one of the videos below, and by joining BIG, you can watch the whole series, and gain access to more advice and guidance on RPA and other hot topics affecting the sourcing industry.

In the video series, NelsonHall's CEO John Willmott interviews David Brain, COO of Symphony Ventures, who answers questions on all aspects of RPA from BIG's members. The videos cover:

BIG is a community consisting of experienced sourcing executives from leading buy-side organizations across industries, and is a place for sharing sourcing experiences with peers, as well as gaining access to industry-leading research and advice from NelsonHall.

BIG is free to join. Become a member today to watch the full RPA video series, and become part of the leading worldwide network of sourcing professionals.