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for Customer Experience Services

Track the pattern of service adoption by monitoring Customer Experience Services contract awards by your peers. Identify who are the successful vendors this industry now. Updated monthly!

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Confidence Index:

for Customer Experience Services

NelsonHall Confidence Index is a quarterly survey to measure changing levels of business confidence within Customer Experience Services

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Every quarter NelsonHall publishes the NelsonHall Customer Experience Services Confidence Index, a Quarterly Index of Confidence that monitors changes in industry confidence in the global Customer Experience Services market.

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Serco in Customer Experience Services

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CMS in Telecoms/Cable/Satellite Sector

published 2014-12-09 | Project by Vicki Jenkins

NelsonHall's NEAT for CMS in Telecoms/Cable/Satellite analyzes the performance of vendors offering CMS services specifically for that sector. The NEAT tool allows NelsonHall customers to assess the capability of vendors across a range of criteria and business situations. Vendors within this NEAT analysis are: Aegis, Alorica, Capita, Concentrix, EGS, Firstsource, HGS, Infosys, Minacs, Serco, Sitel, Sutherland, Sykes, Tata BSS, Tech Mahindra, Teleperformance, TeleTech, Transcom, transcosmos, Webhelp and Wipro. This material is NelsonHall copyright and proprietary and no part is to be shared, reproduced or distributed in any form, or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of NelsonHall. NelsonHall exercises its best efforts in the preparation of the information provided and believes the information contained herein to be accurate. However, NelsonHall shall have no liability for any loss or expense that may result from incompleteness or inaccuracy of the information provided.
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Published reports:

published reports related to Serco within the Customer Experience Services program

  • Serco - CMS in Telecommunications/Cable/Satellite

    Nov 18, 2014 | Vendor Analysis by Vicki Jenkins

    Serco Global Services, LLC (Serco) is part of Serco Group Plc and is headquartered in Hook, North Hampshire in the U.K. Serco has operations in public and private transport and traffic control, aviation, military and nuclear weapons, prisons, and schools. Serco employs ~100k staff and operates in Continental Europe, the Middle East, APAC and North [...]
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  • Serco - CMS in Retail Banking

    Feb 18, 2014 | Vendor Analysis by Vicki Jenkins

    Serco Global Services, LLC (Serco) is a part of Serco Group PLC. Serco is a publicly held firm headquartered in Hook, North Hampshire in the United Kingdom. Serco has recently acquired Intelenet, The Listening Company, Excelior and Vertex's U.K. public sector BPO operation. [...]
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Discover the benefits of the CMS program

NelsonHall's Customer Management Services program supports you in enhancing your organization's sourcing performance. It will help you to:

  • Analyze how contact center outsourcing can be applied to your organization
  • Assess the scope of customer services that can be outsourced and why
  • Quantify the benefits and risks associated with outsourcing processes within your customer service function
  • Identify the most appropriate vendors and understand their individual philosophies, approaches and delivery capability
  • Learn from the experience of other organizations in your sector that have already outsourced elements of their customer handling and analytics functions
  • Keep abreast of changing delivery approaches within customer mangement services.

It also provides expert support to customer management services vendors, specifically business development and marketing personnel, helping them to:

  • Increase bid success through improved positioning of proposals against client requirements
  • Maintain the competitiveness of current service offerings
  • Identify emerging requirements and service opportunities
  • Track key developments within the CMS marketplace, including contract awards and new service announcements
  • Understand the strategies and capabilities of potential bid partners through access to detailed customer management services vendor assessments.