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    Our analysts and advisors combine years of business experience with a rigorous analytical approach, a clear communication style, and a keen client service focus.

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Welcome to NelsonHall

The NelsonHall brand is becoming synonymous worldwide with excellence in the field of BPO and outsourcing advisory and research services.

As we expand, we continue to strive to deliver the very best in fact-based guidance to organizations seeking to navigate the outsourcing maze.

John Willmott
NelsonHall CEO

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Success through Insight

NelsonHall is the leading analyst and advisory firm dedicated to outsourcing insight.

Meet the NelsonHall Team

Our analysts and advisors combine years of business experience with a rigorous analytical approach, a clear communication style, and a keen client service focus.

Our Team

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About NelsonHall

Founded in 1998, NelsonHall is an analyst and advisory firm with an evidence-based approach to market and service provider assessments and an unrivalled BPO and outsourcing knowledge covering an extensive range of business processes and industry sectors.

We work closely with our clients to create a value-based relationship using our unrivalled outsourcing knowledge to act as a trusted advisor, providing answers and making business sense of the complexity and challenges faced by both service buyers and service providers within the global outsourcing market.

We offer:

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To find out more about NelsonHall, please review our programs, and discover how NelsonHall can help service buyers and service providers. And if you would like us to begin to help you to keep abreast of the latest industry developments and analysis, please sign up for our Industry Insight newsletter or one of our webcasts.

How NelsonHall helps NOA members

As Research and Analysis Services Partner to the National Outsourcing Association (NOA), NelsonHall can help the NOA's buy-side member companies to understand the real nature of BPO and ITO markets, and to arm themselves with vital market intelligence before committing to the major expense of sourcing engagements.

The importance of understanding the dynamics of the market was recently underlined in a study conducted by NelsonHall on behalf of the NOA which showed that no action is taken in 30% of sourcing evaluations. The agreement with NelsonHall will benefit buy-side members of the NOA immediately by enabling sourcing executives to undertake up-front screening and knowledge gathering exercises.

NelsonHall will help NOA members' buy-side sourcing executives understand the key dynamics of each BPO market and its relevance to their own company, before they commit to the major expense of a sourcing engagement. This includes a fuller comprehension of the dominant patterns of service delivery for the service categories under consideration and the implications for investment in existing shared service centers. NOA members will be better able to gauge the realistic level of benefits achievable and how these are achieved, together with the potential risks to avoid.

NelsonHall can provide NOA buy-side members with easy access to its experts and subscription programs on preferential terms. For more information on NelsonHall's relationship with the NOA and the services available to NOA members, please contact:

Paul Connolly at [email protected]
or call on +44 (0)7768 803 315.