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Welcome to NelsonHall

Welcome to NelsonHall

NelsonHall welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate how we can apply evidence-based insight to improving your top-line success.

John Willmott
NelsonHall CEO

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To find out more about NelsonHall's services and how we can help, please contact:

Guy Saunders at [email protected]

Matthaus Davies at [email protected]

Paul Connolly at [email protected]

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Service Providers

NelsonHall has unrivalled BPS and ITS outsourcing knowledge and offers a unique evidence-based approach to industry analysis. We can assist vendors in achieving increased bid success through improved industry awareness and positioning. Our advice and support will ensure your decisions are based on industry reality, not competitor hype.

Discover how NelsonHall can help Service Providers

Partnering with NelsonHall will ensure that your key bid and market development decisions are based on industry reality not competitor hype.

We employ a rigor that is no longer common among analyst firms, have unrivalled BPS and ITS outsourcing knowledge, and offer a unique evidence-based approach to market analysis.

To ensure that you receive accurate and detailed information:

  • Our findings are all based on our own primary research
  • All our projects are conducted by our own analysts, not subcontracted to third-party associates
  • Each project involves an extensive program of primary interviewing, not a few calls
  • Our analysts are all trained to collect detailed, factual information and base their findings on this "evidence" rather than asking your competitors for their views of the market which will lead to a distorted hype-based view of the industry.

This philosophy, together with our accessibility, means that NelsonHall is well placed to help you:

  • Improve your bid success
  • Maintain your service competitiveness
  • Stay ahead of the industry.

For further details of the benefits a partnership with NelsonHall brings to service providers, details on our partnership approach, and to discuss further with one of our relationship managers, please see:

Benefits for service providers

NelsonHall's partnership approach

Contact a relationship manager.