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Welcome to NelsonHall

Welcome to NelsonHall

NelsonHall welcomes the opportunity to assist organizations in making sourcing decisions based on industry reality rather than market hype.

John Willmott
NelsonHall CEO

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To learn more about NelsonHall's services can enhance your bid success, please contact:

Guy Saunders at or call on +44 (0) 7768 251 898.

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Supporting Service Buyers

NelsonHall has unrivalled, up-to-date BPS and ITS knowledge covering an extensive range of processes and industry sectors. We assist organizations in developing realistic sourcing strategies, developing robust business cases, and identifying appropriate suppliers.

Discover How NelsonHall Can Help Service Buyers

Partnering with NelsonHall will ensure that your key sourcing decisions are based on industry reality, not market hype. We can help you by providing the industry knowledge and the sourcing practice knowledge that you require for sourcing success, and also by providing day-to-day advisory support.

To develop successful sourcing strategies you need evidence-based industry analysis, not PR and hype. NelsonHall can help you get beneath the hype and take a reasoned view to the application of BPS and ITS outsourcing to your organization.

We employ a rigor that is no longer common among analyst firms, have extensive and unrivalled supplier knowledge, and offer a unique evidence-based approach to market analysis.

To ensure that you receive accurate and detailed information:

> Our findings are all based on our own primary research

> All our projects are conducted by our own analysts, not subcontracted to third-party associates

> Each project involves an extensive program of primary interviewing

> Our analysts are all trained to collect detailed, factual information from service buyers and service providers and base their findings on this "evidence" rather than asking suppliers to provide their own capability write-ups, unfortunately a practice too common amongst other analyst firms.

This philosophy, together with our accessibility, means that NelsonHall is well-placed to assist you to get beyond the hype and:

> Develop sourcing strategies based on industry reality, and produce realistic business cases

> Generate robust vendor shortlists

> Save your time for value-added activities rather than collecting vendor and market information

> Avoid basing your decisions on promotional material publicly available.

Furthermore, NelsonHall hosts the Buyer Intelligence Group (BIG), an exclusive community for senior sourcing decision-makers to share best practice, promote thought leadership around burning industry topics, and seek expert advice. The community consists of experienced sourcing executives only, invited from Fortune 500 buy-side organizations across industries.

For further details of BIG, and of the benefits that a partnership with NelsonHall brings to service buyers, details of our partnership approach, and to discuss further with one of our relationship managers, please see:

Buyer Intelligence Group (BIG)

Benefits for service buyers

NelsonHall's partnership approach

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