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Buyer Intelligence Group (BIG)

NelsonHall's Buyer Intelligence Group (BIG) is a community consisting of experienced sourcing executives, invited from leading buy-side organizations across industries, and is a place for sharing sourcing experiences with peers, as well as gaining access to industry-leading research and advice from NelsonHall. BIG is, and will always be, a buyer-only community. You can engage with your peers in privacy, without fear of being followed or approached by service vendors or other third parties.

There are several levels of membership, but the foundation level is free to join and gives members access to:

  • An online community where you can join special interest sub-groups, use the members' discussion forum, and attend regular webinars to learn from your peers and from industry experts
  • NelsonHall's NEAT tool, which provides comparative vendor evaluations across a wide range of business process services (BPS) and IT services (ITS) markets to help get you started with your sourcing initiatives
  • Thought leadership via blog articles from NelsonHall's expert analysts working across those domains.

Additional membership levels open up full access to NelsonHall's extensive sourcing intelligence content on a single-license or enterprise-wide basis. This consists of thousands of research reports (market analyses, vendor profiles, contract databases, and much more), all available online. Plus, members can also upgrade their service to receive fully bespoke support from NelsonHall analysts for their sourcing initiatives. This includes screening markets and vendors against their own very specific business requirements, carrying out detailed investigations based on a specific brief, and delivering all the information and actionable recommendations needed to take sourcing projects to a successful conclusion.

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