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Whishworks Expands from MuleSoft Heritage to Whole Salesforce Service Ecosystem for Coforge


Coforge, the former NIIT Technologies, recently briefed NelsonHall about its Salesforce capabilities. In 2019, the company acquired Whishworks, which became the foundation of its Salesforce activities. Whishworks, one of MuleSoft’s top five strategic partners globally, services clients across sectors, with BFSI being its most significant target market.

London-headquartered Whishworks also has an office in the U.S., in Princeton, NJ. Its delivery model is India-centric, its primary delivery centers being in Hyderabad and Noida. It is currently experiencing high growth, enjoying revenue growth of 30% in its FY21.

Specializing its MuleSoft Portfolio

Since 2019, Coforge has grouped all its MuleSoft and Salesforce capabilities under Whishworks, which now has 430 Salesforce practitioners, including 300 MuleSoft ones. Whishworks offers a wide range of services, from technology consulting to managed services, and is also a MuleSoft VAR in the U.K. and India.

Whishworks is working on developing a specialized portfolio of services. Two examples of this are:

  • Anypoint Platform 3.8 to 4.4 migration. MuleSoft is ending its support for Anypoint 3.9 by the end of 2021, leaving many of its clients with a mandatory migration. Whishworks has developed a fixed price offering for the migration, with pricing based on the number of APIs: it estimates the cost for a client with 50 APIs is around $100k. Whishworks highlights that some of its large clients have up to 1k APIs on different MuleSoft versions
  • The use of accelerators. Whishworks has four connectors that are available on Anypoint Exchange, the equivalent of Salesforce’s AppExchange. Whishworks’ connectors provide access to the APIs of the applications. An example of this is extracting data from a web application to a mobile device: the connector reduces the amount of custom code required to connect the two applications. Whishworks’ most popular connector is its Microsoft Azure Storage connector, which the company offers free of charge to clients.

Delivery quality remains a key focus, and Whishworks is relying on several approaches. Whishworks uses a centralized technical design authority team, ensuring that delivery teams apply best practices and get their sign-off. Whishworks want to avoid an API development team bringing in their development personal style by using standardized approaches.

MuleSoft is now the Foundation for Salesforce’s Customer 360

Further growth is on the agenda for Whishworks, initially with MuleSoft. The company highlights that MuleSoft aligns with Salesforce’s professional services approach, i.e., focusing on software products and leaving services opportunities to its SI partners. Whishworks is, in Europe, one of the two preferred SI partners for MuleSoft’s Commercial Business Unit clients. It is looking to expand its MuleSoft expertise to the U.S., where the service opportunity is immense.

Whishworks is also looking to expand to the entire Salesforce product ecosystem, from its technical MuleSoft niche to functional products. The Salesforce strategy will help here. Salesforce has made MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform the official software tool for integrating its vast and quickly expanding acquisition-led product portfolio. Anypoint Platform is more than the technical glue of Salesforce’s applications. It has become a topic relevant to business, with MuleSoft’s API-based integration technology at the core of Salesforce’s Customer 360 value proposition. With Customer 360, Salesforce promotes a comprehensive customer profile through consumer data centralization and analytics.

Along with Customer 360, Whishworks also adds skills around the various Salesforce products, initially focusing on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Health Cloud, and Financial Services Cloud. The company highlights that these clouds rely heavily on MulSeoft for interacting with third-party applications. Also, Whishworks has already developed several vertical solutions, such as claims management for insurance firms and a financial services sector cloud migration tool and service.

Whishworks will be adding other vertical solutions to its portfolio: we expect the firm will ultimately address the whole client base of the larger Coforge.

And we also anticipate Coforge will bring business consulting capabilities to help drive discussions with clients around their digital transformation initiatives. More than ever, this consulting-led approach is required to make a Salesforce project more than a traditional enterprise application project.

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