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Sopra To Acquire Convertible Bonds of CS to Strengthen Capabilities in Engineering Services

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Sopra and CS Communication & Systèmes, a French IT services vendor, have announced a multi-tiered agreement:

  • CS is to proceed to a €12m convertible bond issuance (maturity 5 years, conversion price per share: €3.6; interest rate: 4%; delivery: July 2014). As part of this issuance, Sopra agreed with DUNA & Cie, the largest shareholder (45.1% of shares) of CS, to buy 45.1% of all convertible bonds issued. In addition, the company has guaranteed the full bond issuance
  • Sopra has been granted by DUNA a  first offer status, meaning that if were DUNA were to sell its stakes in CS, it would have to start negotiations first with Sopra
  • Sopra is have one member of on the Board of Directions, acting as censor
  • Sopra is to help CS improve its financial performance, further develop its existing "industrial and commercial collaboration" in aeronautics and defence, and expand to new offerings including security, space & energy.

In an article by Les Echos, Mr. Eric Blanc-Garin, CEO of CS provided further details about the agreement with Sopra:

  • Sopra could own, once bonds are converted to shares, a 7.5%-16% stake in CS
  • DUNA & Cie has 4 years, starting from July 2014, to sell its stake to Sopra.

CS is a public sector and aerospace specialist providing IT and engineering services e.g. embedded systems; real time applications; PLM services; cyber-security. The company is headquartered in the suburbs of Paris and has a large office in Toulouse.

CS had in 2013 revenues of €162m down 6.2% at CC/CP in 2013. Headcount was 1,791. Operating margin was 0.2%. Application service account for 90% of revenues. 80% of revenues are fixed priced. The company is heavily focused on defense spending, with its largest clients accounting for 29% of revenues in 2013.

The company derived in 2013

  • 52% in revenues from the defense, space and security sector: Services provided include services around command centers, security, logistics and space applications, as well as increasingly, cyber-security
  • 38% of revenues from aeronautics, energy and manufacturing:. Services provided include embedded systems , real time computing and PLM services. Key clients include Airbus Group, Praatt & Whitney in aeronautics; and CEA, IRSN and EDF in energy.

CS has faced in the past years a decline in revenues from its key clients in the defense sector, as the French Army reduces its spending.

The company has take several measures including

  • Geographical expansion towards North America
  • Sectorial emphasis on aeronautics, energy and manufacturing
  • Scope re-definition including
    - 2007: the sale of its IT infrastructure management activities (€138m in revenue and headcount of 1.4k) to BT France for €60m
    - 2012: the sale of its transportation unit (€31m in revenues, headcount of 200) to SANEF, a highway operator, for €15m.

CS has been on restructuring mode for several years. in the past 2 years, the company has raised capital through several means including, in 2012 the sale of its transportation unit (for €15m), a capital increase in 2013 (€15m raised) and now through this convertible bond issue (€12m).

In 2014, CS has accelerated its transformation plan with:

  • Increased sales activity
  • More focused R&D effort to drive more products sales
  • Cost cutting and streamling of processes.

Sopra continues its M&A activity after the recent offers to acquire Steria and the HR Access service line of IBM France. CS has been struggling for year and has only returned to break-even operating profitability in 2013. As a result, CS has a low market cap, €36m before the announcement. At this point however, it is still unclear how much Sopra will spend in total to acquire the full CS. 

CS has a different profile from Sopra. It is more positioned on technical IT and engineering services e.g. real time applications and embedded systems, where Sopra has a background in services around business applications. Sopra is only marginally present in embedded systems, servicing mainly client Airbus. CS is therefore a nice service expansion for the company. It also expands the vertical capabilities of Sopra into the defense sector.

The companies have worked together in two significant contracts:

  • Sopra acting as sub-contractor to CS in designing the architecture and integration of a new application named SIA (Army information system). The purpose of SIA is lower IT costs (€3.5bn per year) of the French Army and drive its simplification.  SIA has an overall of €750m and aims to converge systems of three French Armies towards a single system. The contract is reported to have a value of €100m. It involves a reported 130 personnel, in Chartres de Bretagne
  • The two companies were awarded in 2013 a consulting contact around the SIMAD project for the development of a system related to maintenance of aircrafts. CS was lead on this €32m contact with Sopra and SQLI as contractors. 

The challenge for Sopra will be to restore the profitability of CS, which CS has struggled to achieve in years. With Steria, Sopra had mentioned it was hopeful its own sales activtity was likely to absorb the bench of Steria. In all  likelihood, Sopra believes it can do the same with CS, whose headcount is just 1,700.

The French IT services market is going an incredible acceleration towards its consolidation. Major 2014 M&A transactions include Atos with Bull; Sopra with Steria; Capgemini with Euriware. Last year, Econocom had acquired Osiatis while TCS had purchased Alti. While many had announced the consolidation of the French IT services market, it had been slow to occur, until this year. Nevertheless, France still has a high number of mid-sized standalone IT service vendors: GFI Informatique. of course, but also Devoteam, Neurones, Groupe Open, Aubay, Businesss & Decision, or SQLI.

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