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"Insights" on Ceridian LifeWorks: Connecting Dayforce to EAP & Wellness Offerings

I recently attended Ceridian’s annual client event in Las Vegas with the assumption that the event would revolve around Dayforce.  And it did, but I was also pleasantly surprised to learn how Ceridian is tying Dayforce and LifeWorks, Ceridian’s EAP and wellness offering, together.

Over the years, I’ve watched Ceridian shift from a mostly services-oriented organization to one that is focused on SaaS.  With benefits administration as one of my key focus areas, I wondered what this change meant for its H&W business, which had a very comprehensive list of offerings and a substantial client base.  There is still some uncertainty about the future of its entire H&W business, but Ceridian’s commitment to providing a H&W offering, branded as LifeWorks, is steadfast.

And the commitment was reinforced as David Ossip led the general session with LifeWorks before discussing progress with Dayforce. 

In the last year, improvements to LifeWorks have included a redesigned portal, mobile access and video counseling. The new portal features a “life changes” section that was designed around driving specific messages when employees need them due to a specific life change rather than broad communications about what services are available that may not even apply to a particular employee. 

Moving forward, Ceridian will take things up a notch and integrate Dayforce with LifeWorks, which will lead to event-triggered messaging for LifeWorks clients, making a compelling case for LifeWorks clients to utilize Dayforce.

Examples of triggering events where targeted messages can be automatically sent include:

  • Change in marital status
  • Change in dependents
  • Change in address
  • Returning from leave
  • Traumatic event.

Specific messages can even be sent to participants in certain geographies experiencing a traumatic event, such as a wildfire for example.

In the fall, an enhanced mobile version of the LifeWorks app will also be released.

To date, LifeWorks’ footprint is pretty substantial across North America with marquee clients including GSK, Marriott and Sodexo.

Often underestimated, employee assistance programs can have a significant impact on an organization.  In one case study, Ceridian helped its client reduce turnover from 20% to 10% by providing its LifeWorks offering. 

In sum, although Ceridian is focused on SaaS with its Dayforce offering, they are also focused on an organization’s most important asset, its people, with its EAP and wellness programs, which can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line.

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