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Self-Service Market Forecasting: Putting Power in the Hands of BPS Decision-Makers

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One of the most laborious tasks faced by business planners is gathering relevant market size and forecast data as part of the annual planning cycle. Traditionally this has meant trawling through enormous documents, often referred to as the black books or bibles of the planners’ world. And then, finding that not all of the required market data is available in one place (or even at all), this is followed by a mad scurry to fill in the gaps and assemble the full data set, via whatever means. Hardly ideal. But now, thanks to the NelsonHall Self-Service Forecasting Tool, all of that has changed.

As the leading global BPS and ITS analyst firm, NelsonHall is acutely aware of our clients’ need for robust and reliable forecast data, and we have produced comprehensive global and regional market forecast reports across all BPS and ITS service lines for many years. Then, in 2014, we launched the NelsonHall Self-Service Forecasting Tool, to enable organizations to customize market forecast and vendor market share data based on their specific business requirements. Since then we have continued to refine the forecasting tool, and now clients can tailor forecast data based on any combination of service line, industry sector and geography globally. The latest refresh of the BPS market forecast data is for the period 2015 to 2019, and covers ~ 80 BPS service lines, 40 geographies, and 30 industry sectors.

Most importantly, the NelsonHall Self-Service Forecasting Tool puts all of the essential market forecast and vendor share data required for market evaluation and planning directly into the hands of BPS decision-makers. The ability to tailor the data by service line, industry sector and geography and download bespoke views instantly is unique – a major advance on traditional methods, and a huge time-saver for BPS planners.

The ability to fully customize market forecast and vendor share data means that BPS decision-makers do not need to depend on analysts or knowledge workers to produce customized analyses on their behalf. The self-service tool is an invaluable aid for executives who require quick and easy access to very specific market and vendor data, and also bypasses the need to search large standard reports or initiate time-consuming custom requests for information.

To find out more about the NelsonHall Self-Service Forecasting Tool, or to arrange a demonstration, contact Guy Saunders at NelsonHall.

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