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KellyOCG: Talent Advisory & Analytics Key to MSP & RPO Growth

KellyOCG held its second annual analyst event in Chicago last week. The event covered KellyOCG’s full suite of HR service offerings, but here I take a closer look at MSP and RPO and specifically at the advisory and analytics services that are driving growth in these areas.

KellyOCG is the outsourcing and consulting group of Kelly Services Inc., and represents the largest growth segment of Kelly Services. In 2015, Kelly Services reported revenues of $5,518m, down 0.8% y/y (or up 4.7% in constant currency), while KellyOCG’s revenues were $674m, up ~15% y/y from $587m in 2014 and +16.6% in constant currency. KellyOCG’s operating profit in Q4 2015 was $14m, up 44.3% y/y, while gross profit was $48m, up 13.5% y/y. The largest profit and revenue growth came from MSP followed by RPO.

Within MSP, KellyOCG has 4,600 registered and active suppliers with $7.2bn total spend under management, which according to NelsonHall, puts KellyOCG among the top tier of global service providers. There are ~232 MSP clients across the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific with a 99% client retention rate.

KellyOCG has ~50 RPO clients, including ~14 new clients since January 2015, and in 2015 performed ~47,000 hires in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific. Its longest running RPO client has been with them for ~20 years. A recent trend has been clients starting with project RPO for a specific number of hires and then, once benefits are realized, expanding into full RPO clients. 

Talent Management Consulting

KellyOCG began providing talent management consulting services in Q1 2015. Services are typically provided with RPO and MSP and include:

  • Talent Strategy Advisory, which includes: Strategic Workforce Planning, Process Optimization, Business Care Development, Talent Strategy Alignment
  • Talent Attraction and Engagement, which includes: Specialized Career Events, Employer Branding, Candidate Experience Measurement, Talent Community Management
  • Workforce Governance and Execution, which includes: Program Structure & Governance, Market & Competitive Intelligence, Program Performance Management, Change Leadership
  • Talent Counseling, which includes: Career Transition, Outplacement, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development
  • Workforce Analytics, which includes: Labor Market Intelligence, Talent Supply Chain Analytics, Business Process Analytics, Predictive Analytics.

Talent Supply Chain (TSC) Analytics

KellyOCG’s TSC Analytics Portal helps to give clients insights to drive change, and focuses on:

  • Rate analytics: providing insights on current spend and competitiveness by supplier, geography, and marketplace
  • Supplier optimization: providing insights on supply chain attributes of time, cost, and quality
  • Order efficiency: providing insights on cycle type, benchmarking on efficiency of the supply chain, and on risk due to aging orders
  • Workforce planning: providing insights on percentage breakdown of workforce, trends, alignment to workforce plan, how sourcing aligns and compares, where changes can be made to optimize cost, and where talent pools can be implemented. This includes the ability to view attrition by region, country, state, client, vertical, etc. and also compare how a particular client compared to all other clients. Scatter diagrams can also be used to view tenure and attrition rates for FT and temp workers.

Predictive analytics are also provided, e.g. clients can predict when aging orders are going to cancel, and also predict cycle times, and recommend what can be done to improve performance.

Over the last year, KellyOCG has focused investment on delivering analytics to support its MSP offering and has recently deployed its offering across RPO and is now focused on enriching the data. New clients will have the toolset implemented within 3 to 6 months. All clients get the analytics portal included with the program and can do their own analysis or, if they prefer, can pay extra for help with analysis.

In Summary

In NelsonHall’s latest RPO Market Analysis published last week, we report that the key client drivers for RPO adoption include the ability to improve performance and meet business demands, and clients are looking for providers with broader talent management consulting capability and talent analytics for improved decision making. In this regard, KellyOCG is addressing the right client issues.

Future market needs will include more upfront strategic talent consulting and longer term workforce planning. Service offerings are expected to develop in the areas of consulting services, analytics, and assimilating labor market data, to support better planning and sourcing choices. Increasingly, RPO contracts will be bundled with consulting services as RPO clients expect higher quality and more value.

NelsonHall has just published a comprehensive global RPO Market Analysis report, plus associated RPO vendor profiles, including KellyOCG. For more details, contact Guy Saunders.

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