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CSS Corp: Focused on Automating Enterprise Cloud Adoption for Consumer-Facing Clients


CSS Corp. is a privately held Milpitas, CA-headquartered IT services and tech support vendor that NelsonHall estimates had revenues approaching $200m in FY16. The company has a new leadership team, many of whom are ex-Infosys, and it is now looking to expand beyond its core technical support offerings into the growing digital transformation and cloud migration market. 

CSS Corp primarily works with consumer-facing industries, with NelsonHall estimating that ~95% of its revenue derives from clients in retail, CPG, media/entertainment, telecom and high tech sectors. This is a client base that is aggressively pursuing digital transformation and cloud adoption, with an appetite for migrating existing production workloads, including core applications to cloud environments. These initiatives are also frequently originating outside of the CIO’s office on the business side where primary objectives are focused on customer satisfaction and revenue growth rather than operating cost reduction. CSS Corp is being aggressive in developing assets to support this workload migration.

To support clients’ adoption of public and private cloud environments, CSS Corp has developed a suite of tools to automate activities supporting cloud adoption, including:

  • Assessment and planning: CloudMAP
  • Migrating to the cloud: CloudPATH
  • Management of hybrid cloud ecosystems: CloudDRIVE


CloudMAP is used to help support decision making to determine how, where and when to migrate workloads. It is the evolved version of the CRAFT tool that CSS Corp has been using for ~3 years. Through an analysis of business processes, information flows, application dependencies, and technical architecture, CSS Corp uses CloudMAP to develop a migration plan. This plan includes:

  • Optimal hosting strategy for different workloads
  • Activities necessary to make each workload cloud-ready, whether it is rehosting with minimal changes, refactoring for scaling and performance, or replatforming to cloud native platforms
  • Timing and effort of each workload’s migration.

CSS Corp says the CloudMAP approach has enabled clients to realize ~40% cost reduction in the assessment and planning and ~30% reduced time to market. 


CSS Corp employs its CloudPATH playbook to support the migration of workloads to the cloud. CloudPATH is a suite of templates, tools and artifacts that are pre-built to support specific types of migrations, including:

  • Windows and Linux workloads
  • VMware workloads
  • Oracle workloads
  • Storage and DR
  • Analytics as a service
  • Full-stack, business service solutions such as e-commerce or digital marketing stack and content delivery on the cloud.

CSS Corp has partnered with cloud native providers such as CloudEndure, CloudHealth Technologies, SoftNAS, PlateSpin Migrate and Dome9 Security. CSS Corp says its clients are realizing 30-50% reduction in the migration effort through the employment of these assets.


CSS Corp’s CloudDRIVE leverages ServiceNow and technologies such as Nagios and Solar Winds for monitoring and alerting,  and CSS Corp’s automation platform and analytics engine Active Insights.

CloudDRIVE automates hybrid cloud management functions including:

  • Health and performance checks
  • State and change monitoring
  • Event processing and analysis
  • Process management
  • Orchestration, provisioning and brokering
  • ITSM
  • Predictive analytics.

CSS Corp estimates CloudDRIVE drives 30-40% operational efficiency improvements.

These offerings are the core from which CSS Corp is looking to evolve its client relationships from pure technical support to being a digital transformation partner. 

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