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How RPA & AI Are Taking Cielo’s TalentCloud to the Next Level

There is so much hype around RPA and AI technology that RPO, MSP, and Total Talent vendors could get carried away in the race to launch the latest RPA or AI technology feature at the expense of delivering excellent customer service. 

Cielo has a more grounded approach to technology, suggesting that “Technology is only as valuable as the human experience it improves” and is reflected in its current technology strategy to improve customer service. Here I take a look at Cielo’s TalentCloud, which comprises 3 elements: SkyRecruit, SkyAnalytics and SkyLabs.


SkyRecruit is Cielo’s CRM platform. Launched in 2015, it has been rolled out to all its global clients and is Cielo’s operating engine, with the advantages of its employees being able to work with different clients using a common platform.  Having a choice of 13 modules, its two most popular modules are sourcing and events. Candidate nurturing is one module which Cielo sees as essential for building candidate engagement. Whilst there are core modules, the majority are taken up by clients once they are ready to do so according to their business needs. Cielo has recently enhanced SkyRecruit in several ways.

Firstly, Cielo has introduced a process bot for automated sourcing. This is particularly effective where there are high recruitment volumes, such as in retail. The process bot finds a high number of suitable candidates and uploads those details into SkyRecruit – a process now taking one minute compared to 15 minutes by a human. Candidates are automatically sent jobs of interest to them, candidates can engage with a recruiter and move through the hiring process. Whilst talent pools can then be created by the process bot, the real value comes in how the process bot organizes the talent pools and communicates with candidates on an ongoing basis through social media, etc. taking into consideration candidate preferences for working with certain client brands.

Secondly, Cielo has introduced Celia, its intelligent job search chat bot. Celia starts a conversation with a candidate to find out what type of job/location they are looking for, and then can pinpoint relevant jobs and answer questions from candidates. If the chat bot cannot answer a specific question, it then escalates the question to a human recruiter to engage in the conversation.  Celia learns the answer from the escalated question, so that next time the same question arises, Celia can answer it. Celia will never replace humans, but will answer an increasingly complex range of questions, releasing humans to focus on more value-add activities.   

Thirdly, Cielo has introduced assessment as part of the hiring process. This includes DISC profiling. As soon as a candidate applies for a role, a series of questions is asked (taking just over two minutes of candidate time), the answers to which build up a DISC profile of the candidate. Suitable jobs are sent to the candidate, based on their results. For example, a candidate with a “high D” profile would be advised of sales roles. For customer service roles, assessment focuses on emotion recognition to determine how well candidates can read its potential customers.

As SkyRecruit is mobile-enabled, candidates can apply via smartphone. A candidate can go through all stages of the hiring process in one transaction – be sent a job, apply and go through a series of assessment questions (DISC, emotion recognition, etc.) and be screened by an interviewer. Using voice tools gives a 75% application completion rate compared to a 30% completion rate when using video interviewing as part of its hiring process. Currently, feedback on performance is given to the candidate by the recruiter. The aim in the future is to automate the entire process.


This is a relatively new addition to Cielo’s portfolio, and has already had a major enhancement – now built on the Birst platform – which is being rolled out to its clients. All client data, irrespective of its source, is visible on one platform.  But rather than Cielo presenting a plethora of graphs in a single view, bombarding the client with too much information, it has had a re-think. Cielo now only presents the key measures that are important to a client, yet has built more depth into the analytics, so that a client can drill down into those key measures. The data shows where the hiring manager and recruiter need to focus their efforts to enhance hiring performance.


SkyLabs is the formalization of Cielo’s researching and testing of new tools and technologies in the areas of RPA, AI, natural language processing, etc. The features already discussed have come via SkyLabs. Cielo is learning as it innovates and monitors items which impact progress. For example, RPA requires stable technology systems and volume process repetition, so if a client decides to change its ATS after 3 months, it has an impact on the progress of RPA. Cielo is also looking at micro-automations, where simple process steps are automated. Cielo’s employees are at the heart of this automation. The process bot can learn from videos of Cielo’s employees completing talent acquisition tasks, such as uploading a file. Processes that can be replaced by automation free up Cielo’s employees to undertake roles that add more value to its clients. Cielo has also made some progress in the use of voice interfaces with the Amazon Echo. Cielo can ask Alexa a range of questions about the talent acquisition process, such as the number of interviews booked on a particular day of the week.

Cielo’s commitment to continuous improvement is demonstrated by sharing its Cielo TalentCloud three-year roadmap with clients. This allows clients to see other interesting developments scheduled, and while Cielo continues to focus on improving processes, candidate experience, hiring manager experience, etc., clients can be assured that Cielo will maintain its focus on providing a personal touch.

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