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HR Technology Conference in Review: Spotlight on RPO

This year’s 16th Annual HR Technology conference in Las Vegas had the highest turnout yet, 8,000 attendees. Below are highlights of just two of the sessions we attended, and of briefings with ManpowerGroup Solutions and Randstad Sourceright. All were focused on RPO:

Pinstripe and Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) RPO Presentation

Keys to success include:

  • Client view of Pinstripe and BI as one recruiting team; they don’t differentiate - all recruiters that work onsite are given BI laptops. BI created a partnership with commitment to shared leadership and accountability
  • Pinstripe Impression Center: 77,725 interviews scheduled, 452,609 impressions made. No call goes unanswered and there is a 96.1% FCR; the remaining 4% of calls are returned within 3 minutes. Service providers go above and beyond, e.g. ATS knowledge to assist candidates and hiring managers
  • Hiring manager surveys recently introduced: a 58% response rate with a 10% improvement within 9 months in every area including planning and admin, execution of recruitment plans, candidate quality and diversity
  • SLAs updated at least annually
  • Development of talent pools
  • 4% increase in CSAT scores since Taleo implementation
  • From 2012 to 2013, sources of hire increased:
    • Direct sourcing 53%
    • Career fairs 40%
    • University recruiting 15%
  • Employee referral program implemented with monetary payments for referrals resulting in hires

The RightThing, an ADP Company and Goldman Sachs Presentation

Goldman Sachs has been a client of ADP for 40 years, in a relationship that began with payroll. Below are a few RPO successes comparing before and after implementation of RPO:

Prior to RPO:

  • Jobs were not posted on the company website, there was no social media presence and no data on company brand and its recruiting practice
  • A body shop approach was used with a couple hundred recruitment coordinators who were not being managed, all doing their own thing
  • Less than 40% recruiter time was focused on recruiting

Since Implementation of RPO:

  • Went from 19 talent systems in 2008 to 6 in 2013, implemented a new career site, a strong social media presence, conducted extensive research on brand perception, implemented transaction level pricing and improved career progression
  • Prior to outsourcing 100% of recruiters were onsite, after outsourcing ~50% onsite and 50% offsite at its centralized service center in Findlay, Ohio, resulting in significant cost savings. Findlay supports the New York and London recruiting teams
  • When a recruiter leaves it now takes 2 days to replace, used to be a couple months
  • Functions performed internally are client relationship management, candidate management, job offers, SME escalation
  • Functions performed by The RightThing offsite in Findlay Ohio  are scheduling, screening, offer letter
  • Functions performed onsite by The RightThing: data quality and management, candidate management, sourcing and screening
  • Job Funnel on Goldman Sachs career site: 2.2m visitors, 495k resumes received, 135k interviews, 7.3k hires
  • In addition to RPO, hiring of contingent workers also performed
  • Looking at expansion into Europe and Asia. Europe is currently supported out of the U.S

ManpowerGroup Solutions Briefing

  • New partnership with Technomedia for implementation of its ATS and to support RPO in ~50 countries where ManpowerGroup Solutions has current contracts. Technomedia technology can reduce implementation time by 30-60% pending client configuration
  • Anticipating low double-digit revenue growth in 2013
  • All regions have at least double sales pipeline y/y, with strong growth in Colombia, Peru, Malaysia, Italy, Netherlands
  • In Q1-Q3 there were 60 new contracts worth $250k+ revenue each, including multi-country contracts in 10 countries and another in 22 countries. Latest contracts include:
    • An IT provider for MSP and RPO in 17 countries
    • A U.K. Engineering Services provider for MSP and RPO with expansion into Europe
    • For a Manufacturer, professional hiring volume distributed across 37 countries
  • Approximately half of all RPO contracts are full service / end-to-end RPO

Randstad Sourceright Briefing

In September 2013, launched a "Recruiting and Innovation" CoE. Additional CoEs include:

  • Employment branding, mobile and social media
  • Assessments
  • Compliance and Diversity
  • Technology

New RPO “360” services currently being implemented in select RPO clients and to be launched in the next few months to measure effectiveness and identify improvement opportunities in client recruiting operations include:

  • EmployerView360: social media and branding snapshot; measures an employer presence across social media channels and identifies opportunities to strengthen the brand
  • RecruitingCompliance360: OFCCP compliance check
  • SourcingView360: sourcing operations healthcheck; determines the maturity of candidate sourcing and identifies opportunities for improvement
  • TalentMeasure360: screening and selection toolbox assessment.

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