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Kryon’s Rebranding Focuses on the Business Benefits of RPA


Kryon has today launched a new brand presence, along with a new strategic perspective on RPA focused on delivering business benefits. The former Kryon Systems (now simply Kryon) will now be organized around a three-pronged approach the company refers to as ‘Discover, Automate, Optimize’.

As part of this brand migration, several aspects of Kryon’s go-to-market approach will change, as described below.

Focusing on the human side of the RPA equation

Kryon’s former branding package included limited personification of the RPA offering under the Leo name, and also featured an anthropomorphized robot ‘mascot’ in much of the company’s promotional and industry relations materials. That component of the company’s branding has been eliminated from its new visual identity, which now focuses much more on the human side of the RPA equation and the concept of integrating RPA into a hybrid human-digital workforce.

A new focus on business benefits rather than technological innovation

As more RPA features begin to become ‘table stakes’ within the sector, NelsonHall has expected vendors to begin the shift from focusing on product features to business outcomes. Kryon joins that trend with its rebranding, which will include more case studies and success stories represented as a function of business KPIs, while keeping the technological conversation within the context of real-world improvements in cost, efficiency, and quality.

A new framework for the brand

The ‘Discover, Automate, Optimize’ theme speaks to Kryon’s three primary offering areas:

  • Process discovery (already soft-launched, but due for a more formal product rollout in early summer of 2018)
  • Traditional RPA
  • Analytics/AI.

To date, these have been marketed as components, but under the new branding they become part of a larger solution intended to reposition Kryon as an end-to-end provider of business process optimization solutions.

A clear effort to differentiate its offerings

Kryon has sometimes suffered in terms of its ability to break out from the pack of RPA providers and carve out a differentiated and sustainable niche for itself. Under the new brand positioning, the company is making a clear effort to differentiate its offerings based on the ability to do more than automate simple, repetitive tasks.

The company talks about enabling human workers to be mindful and focused on creative tasks by eliminating background work entirely though the application of RPA combined with AI and machine learning. While other firms offer similar messaging, Kryon’s new branding package treats repetitive work as ‘background noise’ to be removed from the typical employee’s workday.

A new name, logo & tagline

While these are often secondary in importance from a technology and business analyst’s perspective, it is worth mentioning what is and what, importantly, is not included in Kryon’s visual rebrand. Gone is the word ‘Systems’ from the old Kryon logo, in a clear effort to migrate the firm towards a broader service mandate.

The tagline ‘Be Your Future’ is added in place of ‘Systems’, again suggesting a broadening of the brand. Finally, the letter ‘O’ in the logo is given a half-gold, half-blue treatment to emphasize the hybrid human/digital nature of its offering.


2018 and 2019 are expected to be watershed years in the RPA sector, as competitive positioning begins to come into focus and leadership niches become occupied as the sector matures. Kryon is taking clear steps to include itself in the ‘tier one’ vendor conversation through a set of brand migration moves that position the company to compete well into the next decade.

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