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Neeyamo Addressing the White Spaces in HR


Now in its tenth year, Neeyamo is hitting its stride as a niche global HR services provider. I recently caught up with the company at its first U.S. analyst and advisor event for an update on its HR service lines.

Strategic focus

Neeyamo aims to ‘address the white spaces in HR technology and services’, including underserved markets and geographies. It positions itself as a specialist long-tail country provider, targeting global organizations which have ~70% of their employee base across five countries, with the remaining 30% distributed in small numbers across multiple locations. In these multiple locations, clients typically have numerous payroll technologies, including legacy technology, often with payroll distributed across several platforms – resulting in poor overall data management, limited helpdesk and language support, and high fixed cost. Neeyamo’s goal is to be able to provide a single-point HR solution for all tail-country needs.

Starting with 50 employees and 30 clients in 2009, today Neeyamo has:

  • 1.6k employees globally, serving ~250 customers
  • 6 global delivery centers (California, Mexico and three in India) and 17 proximity delivery centers
  • 4 lines of businesses: global payroll, multi-process HRO, pre-employment and other screening services, and cloud transformation services.

Global payroll

Neeyamo has~75 global payroll customers in 153 countries, and processes 7 million payslips per year, served by 500 payroll specialists. Its technology, PayNComp, is currently configured in ~30 countries. Neeyamo plans to bring this to ~70 countries within the next three years to handle most tail countries, and will use in-country partners elsewhere.

Neeyamo’s roadmap for PayNComp is focused on delivering real-time payroll results, and is currently capable of processing ~10k employees (gross to net) in ~90 seconds. Neeyamo is striving for three primary experiences from PayNComp:

  • Executive experience: A single view of global payroll at a glance with the ability to view all relevant payroll reports for every country and business unit per pay period
  • Payroll team experience: Country/BU level view of payroll, a maker/checker process to ensure validation at every level. Includes input validation to catch errors early, variance analysis, dashboards, and a compliance view
  • Employee experience: Easy view/interface of payslips, tax documents and other payroll related information, supported in multiple languages.


Though not a separate line of business, Helpdesk support is a strong area of focus for Neeyamo. Out of its 250 customers, 100 clients utilize helpdesk, supported in 25 languages and used by all payroll clients.

Helpdesk support and ticket creation is built into the process, so users don’t have to log out and log in to a separate system. Users also have the option to take a screen shot to attach to a ticket, add a category. Users can see the most common questions and answers, and can access the helpdesk via phone, email or chat. The following is a breakdown of how inquiries are handled, with two-thirds of inquiries answered via self-service (ESS, MSS), and only 5% requiring specialist support:

  • Tier 0: 66% (ESS, MSS)
  • Tier 1: 28% (HR Helpdesk)
  • Tier 2: 5% (Specialist Helpdesk)
  • Tier 3: 1% (Escalated Support).

Global multi-process HRO (MPHRO)

Neeyamo provides MPHRO in 100 countries for ~150k employees and ~24 processes, supported in 25 languages.

One of Neeyamo’s global clients spoke about MPHRO support including payroll, absence management, and leave management. The client runs a ‘topic of the week’ with the Neeyamo Service Center to provide continuous education, therefore minimizing the number of helpdesk calls. The client chose to leave the U.S. running on Workday payroll, with Neeyamo taking over payroll processing in another ~20 countries, serving ~4,200 employees. Implementation of Neeyamo replaced 8-10 other vendors.  

Other recent Neeyamo MPHRO contracts include a global CPG company headquartered in the U.K. with delivery in ~60 countries across six continents.

Global screening services

Neeyamo provides screening services in 190 countries, for 200 customers, providing 21 different kinds of checks (e.g. employment, background, criminal, education, reference, address, identity, drug testing), verifying 5 million elements. Of its clients, 125 U.S.-based companies use Neeyamo for all international checks. Neeyamo claims that they are the largest international verification company, and with a performance level of 80% of all checks achieved within five days.


In just 10 years, Neeyamo has scaled its geographic presence and its services and technology capability. Earlier this year, Neeyamo partnered with a French-based provider of HR and finance enterprise software, Talentia, to strengthen its global presence. Talentia supports clients directly in France, the U.K., Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Canada. Expect to see even more in 2018 and beyond as Neeyamo is opening offices in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, China, Germany, Poland, South Korea, and Taiwan.


Neeyamo also covered its cloud transformation services, which my colleague Pete Tiliakos will cover in a separate blog, coming shortly.

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