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DXC Enhances P&C Insurance Solutions with AI-Now Strategy


NelsonHall recently attended the DXC Connect Insurance Executive Forum in Charleston, South Carolina, where the theme was ‘Connecting the world’s largest insurance community to solve challenges and drive value’. DXC focused on:

  • Its new product strategy to meet insurers’ transformation and investment needs
  • The ability to combine its SaaS solutions with BPS to offer BPaaS services
  • AI-based enhancement plans.

New product strategy launch

DXC has adjusted its product strategy to enable its clients to adopt an investment strategy or strategies dependent on their level of need to transform vs. minimize new investment. The key elements are:

  • Protect – aims to safeguard organizations’ present investment while improving their existing capabilities, managing systems, and refining their environment for optimal performance. This is suitable for organizations that wish to minimize their investments while modernizing their infrastructure and optimizing their running costs by moving to a consumption-based cloud model
  • Extend – access to innovative solutions, leveraging APIs and AI, and ensuring a secure system of records. This is the next step to add new functionality incrementally. Here, DXC stresses the importance of an ecosystem approach, though based on the client retaining their existing core insurance platforms. This involves incorporating these platforms into a wider ecosystem with approaches such as RESTful APIs. The ecosystem then facilitates co-innovation through access to additional point solutions, adding new capability and flexibility to switch functionality in and out
  • Transform – for organizations looking for a more fundamental IT modernization. This involves digitalizing with AI and cloud-enabled solutions, making new upgrades to the DXC Assure platform, and operating in a more transformative model.

DXC’s improvement and investment strategy is strongly influenced by its user groups. Over the last year, DXC has made ~466 total enhancements to its P&C solutions, and 49% of these enhancements were community-led.

P&C BPS powered by DXC’s Assure

DXC’s Assure SaaS platform enables insurers to efficiently accelerate expansion capacity to new markets/geographies, with DXC BPS personnel providing access to expertise and support options tailored to the client’s transformation journey. DXC provides support across all 50 U.S. states; it will enhance, run, and maintain platforms and currently supports ~$2.6bn of direct written premiums.

DXC supports all insurance LOBs (e.g., workers comp, flood, commercial, specialty, and personal) and notifications services clearinghouse with ~4k trading partners, 40k endpoints, and robotic enablement.

DXC provided a use case of an insurer receiving 1,000 emails with attached documents and involving manual triaging of e-mail type, classification, and data re-entry, leading to inefficiencies in processes and increased chances of human error. DXC leveraged DXC Assure Submission and applied AI and ML. 95% of submission emails were converted to actionable data within 2 hours of receipt with a ~90% accuracy rate.

AI enhancement to DXC Assure solutions

DXC is making a major push to leverage generative, predictive, and cognitive AI solutions. They have established an AI strategy which focuses on three core areas:

  • Customer AI – for improved customer experience, areas of change include a hybrid call center, real-time sentiment analysis, and GenAI knowledge assistants
  • Company AI – for operational efficiency, appropriate knowledge management, and improving business outcomes
  • Community AI – for a collaborative approach with real-time feedback and easier use of innovation.

AI-based enhancements that will be available in Q2 2024 include:

  • DXC Assure Legal – end-to-end litigation management solution leveraging AI to automate processes for guideline compliance. Allows greater visibility and control over legal spend, leading to less time reviewing invoices
  • DXC Assure Claims – partnering with AWS, a new omnichannel function that enables claims professionals to initiate texts and calls from the claims system. This addition reduces the time needed to resolve claims and furnishes a thorough audit trail of the interaction
  • DXC Assure Submissions – leveraging AI and ML to extract data from semi-structured and structured submission documents. The AI is taught to distinguish critical data points from unnecessary data, reducing processing time and error rates
  • DXC Assure Cede – integrating GenAI capabilities to enhance data in real-time as users navigate the system. The platform examines current SOPs, manuals, and documents to offer instantaneous summaries, enhancing productivity and user experience.

Next, DXC is further extending its AI use cases to reinsurance and Australia’s workers’ comp, both areas in which the company is already active.


  • DXC is aiming to offer smooth migration paths from on-premise legacy insurance solutions to AI-driven SaaS and BPaaS services
  • It is developing ecosystems of complementary solutions that insurers can adopt on a plug-and-play basis via APIs
  • While not all GenAI PoCs will be successful and become widely deployable, DXC is making a major push to incorporate generative, predictive and cognitive AI into all its insurance modules.

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  • Bilal, great synopsis of the conference. If you have any questions you need to address please feel free to reach out.

    Apr 09, 2024, by Joe Benson

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