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Movate Moves Aggressively to Capture Generative AI Opportunities


The opportunities and applications of generative AI are the most pressing topics for IT and CX managers alike. Movate is moving aggressively in the space by developing a set of offerings and platform accelerators and then piloting with enterprise brands to gain first-mover advantage. I spoke with Movate last week to discuss their generative AI journey and the first business outcomes from the pilots.

ChatGPT services: from product to management

Movate’s generative AI services cover the consulting, design, and deployment of solutions and their management, maintenance, and evaluation. Movate offers the following services:

  • Development and deployment with ChatGPT design and prototyping, testing, and integration into websites and mobile apps
  • Integration, customization, and hosting
  • Training and validation with knowledge curation, data collection and preparation, model training, and relevancy evaluation
  • Technical support and maintenance of users of the ChatGPT solutions and engineers running the tool with software updates, bug fixing, and performance optimization
  • Monitoring and evaluation in areas such as performance, uptime monitoring, and security enforcement.

Movate is also developing accelerators to assist the deployments. For example, it has ready-to-pilot governance models to explore, search, identify, and recommend resolutions to different issues. It has a summarization feature able to classify key themes and clusters in CSAT, NPS, and customer feedback surveys. Other accelerators include a topic modeler for grouping similar clusters and classes and providing the impact of business KPIs, an automated KPI trend analysis, and an automated test case generator. It is also working on automated customer support tasks, automated parsing and transformation of data, content creation, automated behavioral analysis, and root cause analysis.

The goal is to apply these models, libraries, and tools across industries and service lines as clients look to understand the realm of possibilities with generative AI for customer-facing processes and employee augmentation.

Not another platform: integration with internal and external platforms

Movate is actively positioning its generative AI offerings as integrated parts rather than another standalone platform. The company is integrating ChatGPT within its Movate Edison CX transformation platform which includes WFM, knowledge management, QA, training and performance management, and CCaaS.

The application within Edison includes a ChatGPT-based bot that can detect when a customer requires assistance and provides a relevant help article, a ChatGPT assistant and case generators. Other use cases are the summarization of long discussions, troubleshooting issues, and personalized recommendations using various resources such as chat history, customer feedback, and previous CSAT scores. For the agent-facing process, ChatGPT can perform CSAT and NPS analysis, sentiment analysis, and categorize and prioritize issues.

Movate also targets custom deployments and point solutions when companies invest in enterprise platforms such as Azure Open AI, Freshworks Freddy AI, and Salesforce Einstein GPT across the service, sales, marketing, and commerce cloud. There are dozens of opportunities here, including self-service assistants, intelligent lead qualification, personalized campaigns and sales enablement, and personalized product recommendations that can be tailored to the customer persona.

Productionization: pilots, kickstarter packages, and a dedicated CoE

Movate has nine pilots underway with brands from the cybersecurity space, data storage, cloud, communications, and hardware. For example, for a multinational storage OEM, Movate has a pilot in the returns management process. It integrated Azure Open AI model with SF Service Cloud, trained the algorithm on ~1k customer service knowledge articles, converted them to ~5k articles, and launched a ChatGPT bot that retrieves the relevant article for users, triggers the RMA, and credit issuing, offers progress and shipping information, but also auto-creates the case in Salesforce and integrates with Edison to propose next-best-action steps to the agent when the issue requires human intervention. The bot has machine translation to French, allowing support without French-speaking resources.

Across its nine examples, the company evaluates the potential business benefits at:

  • 10-15% improvements in CSAT
  • 35-40% engineer productivity improvement
  • 15-25% improvement in time to resolve
  • Extension of customer support to 24x7 format.

The company is partnering with some of these enterprises for joint GTM for their clients. It created two fixed-price bundles for generative AI for the top use cases with assessments, roadmaps, and technical architecture. Clients can add on a Movate developed ChatGPT chatbot to integrate with their CRM (e.g., Zendesk or ServiceNow) or purchase a service such as knowledge curation or testing for the existing LLM bot. The add-ons are offered on time and materials pricing.

To support these services, Movate created a CoE for generative AI with ~50 industry and technical SMEs such as knowledge management and data training experts, LLM engineers, language designers, and prompt engineers. Some of the required skillsets extend to human behavioral science and anthropology and Movate is assembling the team to complement and diversify competencies.

In the GPT model and data protection, Movate relies on the enterprise security frameworks built into Azure Open AI and Salesforce Einstein GPT. The company is applying its security know-how in customer security to user management, authentication, single sign-on, endpoint protection, and best practices in code and data security such as vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT), data loss prevention, storage and transfer encryption. It is also offering generative AI security assessment as a service.

Leveraging flexibility and speed

A repeated challenge for new CX technology deployment has been optimizing the ROI and leveraging the full capabilities of platforms. Generative AI requires a higher level of business evaluation, customization, and managed services for CX-specific processes or enterprise-specific intelligence. Movate is looking to capture this broader range of opportunities by offering flexibility and nimbleness for its target use cases, such as categorization and prioritization of issues for engineers in technical support scenarios. It already has expertise in identifying issues across a sample of technical tickets and training the engine and employees on the findings. In its current generative AI experience, this fast deployment works for both narrow, highly technical issues requiring effective summarization, and simpler queries in vast product ecosystems needing quicker knowledge retrieval.

In parallel, Movate is evaluating the biggest market needs. For example, data training and validation seem like a frequent current ask from organizations. Knowledge curation is also the area with the heaviest resource augmentation requirements; for example, Movate deployed ten to twelve experts for a large-scale security client project. Strong demand will also likely come from the regular technology updates such as ChatGPT 5.0, where clients need support before and during the transition.

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