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Track the pattern of service adoption by monitoring Mortgage & Loan contract awards by your peers. Identify who are the successful vendors this industry now. Updated monthly!

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Next Generation Mortgage and Loans 2018

Customer Perspectives

by Andy Efstathiou

published on Oct 04, 2018

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Report Overview:

NelsonHall's client perspective of Next Generation Mortgage and Loans 2018 consists of 36 pages.

Who is this Report for:

As part of NelsonHall’s most recent Next Generation Mortgage and Loan BPS market analysis, in addition to interviewing over 20 of the leading mortgage and loan BPS services providers globally, our research extended to a survey of these vendors’ clients. Through this survey, we met with 20 clients of these vendors, representing a range of geographies, industries, size, scope of services, and various levels of maturity in their sourcing of M&L BPS.

Each interview was conducted to cover several focus areas, to gain a comprehensive understanding from the client perspective including their experience as a buyer of M&L BPS services in the current marketplace. This was specifically designed to understand, not only the perception of vendor performance in meeting client needs currently, but also their ability to meet the clients’ needs in the future. The survey focused on the following key areas:

1.M&L BPS services usage

2.Benefits derived from M&L BPS

3.Vendor approach to benefit delivery

4.Client satisfaction

5.Client future expectations and vendor ability to meet these future requirements.

For each of these focus areas, we asked clients to rate various attributes including services used, services satisfaction, benefits sought, benefits importance, vendor approach, and overall performance satisfaction

Key Findings & Highlights:

Overall, clients wanted greater collaboration from vendors in identifying best practices and innovative ways to improve processes going forward. Clients want faster implementation of best practices for process execution, increased automation of manual processes, and improvements to labor force management to drive cost down.

Clients were willing to make a positive recommendation where the vendor met client expectations and delivered value beyond initial client expectations. Clients repeatedly expressed frustration at vendors not providing as much feedback on best practices and new offerings in transformational elements used for delivery. 

Table of contents:

Table of contents:

  • Executive Summary: Key Findings
  • Ability to Deliver Immediate Benefits
  • Top vendor attributes driving selection
  • Top services used include
  • Satisfaction with services used
  • Pricing models
  • Benefits and Vendor Approach
  • Satisfaction and vendor ability to meet future needs
  • Principal issues for clients
  • Changes clients expect to make
  • Likeliness to recommend vendor:
  • Mechanisms for innovation:
  • Client rating for vendor ability to meet future needs:  
  • Ability to Deliver Immediate Benefits
  • Mortgage and Loan BPS offerings
  • Client perception of benefits importance and realization
  • Value for Money
  • Best Practices
  • Scalability
  • Efficient and Flexible Delivery
  • Vendor approach to benefit delivery
  • Client likeliness to recommend the vendor
  • Ability to Meet Client Future Requirements
  • Key Mortgage and Loan BPS Service Issues & Initiatives
  • Efficient and flexible delivery
  • Cost Control
  • Digitalization
  • Turn-around-time
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • What clients expect to change
  • Vendor Mechanisms
  • Formal
  • Informal
  • Formal and Informal
  • Mortgage & Loan BPS-Related Capabilities
  • Pricing
  • Vendor Performance
  • Quality of Service
  • Cost
  • Knowledge

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