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Accenture - Healthcare Payer BPS

Vendor Analysis

by Sven Lohse

published on Mar 04, 2019

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Report Overview:

Branded "Accenture Intelligent Operations", Accenture offers payer (and provider) customers BPS services. Healthcare payer BPS capabilities lie within Accenture's Health and Public Services business unit.

Who is this Report for:

NelsonHall’s profile of Accenture’s Healthcare Payer Business Process Services (BPS) is a comprehensive assessment of service offerings and capabilities designed for:

  • Sourcing managers monitoring the capabilities of existing suppliers to deliver business process services to healthcare payers
  • Vendor marketing, sales and business managers looking to benchmark themselves against their peers
  • Financial analysts and investors specializing in the support services sector.

Scope of this Report:

The report provides a comprehensive and objective analysis of Accenture’s offerings, capabilities, and market presence in support of business process transformation through the application of healthcare payer BPS including the company’s:

  • Offerings and key service components
  • Delivery organization
  • Customer base, including the company’s targeting strategy and examples of current contracts (where available)
  • Revenue estimates for healthcare payer BPS
  • Strategy, emphasis and new developments in support of healthcare payer BPS
  • Strengths, weaknesses and outlook.

Key Findings & Highlights:

NelsonHall estimates that this practice generated approximately $217m in revenue in 2018 from both commercial and government clients. Healthcare payer BPS capabilities lie within Accenture's Health and Public Services business unit.

NelsonHall estimates that Accenture’s payer BPS practice has approximately 11,000 employees, including almost 1,000 nursing staff located in the U.S. and in offshore locations.

Distinctive elements of Accenture’s payer BPS practice:

  • In the U.S. Accenture holds a strong position among the top 25 commercial healthcare payer companies. Approximately 12-15 of the largest healthcare payers purchase consulting and outsourcing services (although it is not known how many of these core commercial payer clients purchase Accenture's BPS services.)
  • Accenture is well represented in federal and state healthcare operations, such as the federal health insurance exchange and in Medicaid services in several large states.
  • Expect further emphasis on healthcare payer-specific rebranding of Accenture’s BPS business as "Intelligent Operations" to highlight deployment of advanced analytics, intelligent automation and cognitive tools to drive further productivity improvements and greater insights into clients’ businesses. 10 Intelligent Operations Centers deliver BPS services across all healthcare market segments.
  • In addition to “Intelligent Operations Centers”, four Accenture Innovation Centers focus on healthcare challenges and are responsible for the development of IP and software that supports payer BPS.

Table of contents:

Table of contents:

  • Background
  • Revenue Summary
  • Key Offerings
  • Delivery Capability and Partnerships
  • Target Markets
  • Position among U.S. commercial payers
  • Strategy
  • Strengths and Challenges
  • Strengths
  • Challenges
  • Outlook

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