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Infosys - Agile Development and DevOps Services

Vendor Analysis

by David McIntire

published on Nov 04, 2019

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Report Overview:

This NelsonHall assessment analyzes Infosys' offerings and capabilities in agile development and DevOps services

Who is this Report for:

NelsonHall’s Agile Development and DevOps Services Vendor Assessment for Infosys is a comprehensive assessment of Infosys’s Agile Development and DevOps services offerings and capabilities designed for:

  • Sourcing managers monitoring the capabilities of existing suppliers of IT services and identifying vendor suitability for Agile Development and DevOps services
  • Vendor marketing, sales and business managers looking to benchmark themselves against their peers
  • Financial analysts and investors specializing in the Application Development services sector.

Scope of this Report:

The report provides a comprehensive and objective analysis of Infosys’s Agile Development and DevOps service offerings, capabilities and market and financial strength, including:

  • Analysis of the company’s offerings and key service components
  • Revenue estimates
  • Identification of the company’s strategy, emphasis and new developments
  • Analysis of the profile of the company’s customer base including the company’s targeting strategy and examples of current contracts
  • Analysis of the company’s strengths, weaknesses and outlook.

Key Findings & Highlights:

Over the last two years, Infosys has evolved its strategy and sharpened the articulation of its positioning. Infosys’ strategy is an evolution of one that it had been following for several years, but it has a significantly greater emphasis on business-centric digital themes, aligned with clients’ priorities in different industries. Shortly after arriving, Parekh outlined a four-pronged strategy to increase the company’s relevance to clients and drive accelerated value creation:

  • Scale agile and digital: investing in priority digital capabilities include experience, advanced analytics, digitizing core systems, cybersecurity and new offerings leveraging SaaS platforms, IoT and blockchain
  • Energize the core: applying automation and AI techniques and software automation platforms to clients’ core processes and systems
  • Talent re-skilling: expand the use of its Lex digital training platform, expand partnerships with universities to create tailored curricula and building training programs in growing digital areas
  • Expand localization: Infosys announced plans to hire 10k American workers by end FY20 and establish four development centers/innovation hubs, since adding a fifth. These are in Indianapolis, IN; Raleigh, NC; Hartford, CT, Richardson, TX, and AZ. Infosys claims it has now met the 10k hiring target. Infosys also plans to open three Innovation Hubs in Australia, creating 1,200 jobs by 2020.

Specific to growing its agile and DevOps capabilities, Infosys is focusing on four dimensions of its services:

  • Workforce transformation: training and certifying employees reskilling to focus on agile
  • Acquiring ancillary capabilities: WONGDOODY and Brilliant Basics to incorporate experience early in the lifecycle and Fluido to expand Salesforce capabilities
  • Transforming existing clients: working with clients where it delivers ADM services and helping those clients transform themselves to agile
  • Modernizing internal enterprise: adding agility to internal processes and building out its Live Enterprise approach to manage its workforce.

Infosys' total revenues for CY 2018 were $11.5bn. NelsonHall estimates that Infosys' agile and DevOps services revenues account for ~20% of the total revenues (~$2.3bn) with agile services representing ~$1.8bn and dedicated DevOps services representing ~$500m.

Infosys has positioned agile capabilities at the core of its own internal transformation as well as for the transformation of its client operations. The company has placed it at the core of its digital strategy and is specifically tracking and managing internal metrics including associated revenues, the number of people enabled and the proportion of deployed projects which are delivered using agile.

Infosys had ~228k total headcount at the end of FY2019 on March 31, 2019. NelsonHall estimates that ~125k of these have been trained in the use of agile development with ~47k acting as active agile practitioners.

Globally, Infosys has 100 delivery and development centers which are used for the delivery of agile development and DevOps services. It has invested heavily over the last several years to build out local hubs for the delivery of services, including design and innovation. This has included five innovation centers in the U.S. (Indianapolis, IN, Raleigh, NC, Providence, RI, Hartford, CT and Richardson, TX) with the newest, in Tempe, AZ, having opened in September 2019.

Infosys has placed agile and DevOps at the core of its strategy, offerings, and capabilities. This includes incorporating it into nearly all client work while also looking to transform its own internal operations. This is an on-going evolution, but Infosys has made considerable progress with more than 80% of application development engagements and ~125k employees trained.

Infosys' delivery capabilities span a large number of delivery locations, providing the flexibility to tailor its delivery model to each client's specific needs. The conversion of delivery locations to be more agile-ready is still a work in progress and once completed while providing Infosys an even stronger delivery capability. In parallel, it is in process of building its delivery strengths in center key growth markets, such as the Nordics.

Infosys also possesses a broad corporate priority on the development of IP and accelerators and is applying this to its DevOps and agile services. Building tailored DevOps pipelines helps simplify and accelerate the adoption of DevOps for common technologies such as Java, .Net, and other packages such as, SAP, Siebel and others.

Infosys' focus on automation extends to building out dedicated low code development capabilities, an area of less focus among its competition. This portfolio of offerings, partnerships, and services position Infosys well to help clients in developing closer alignment between IT and business and accelerate application time to market, two key values sought in adoption DevOps, agile and next-generation application development. However, it is still seeking to expand adoption of low-code tools.

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