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CX Services in Telecom and Media

Market Analysis

by Ivan Kotzev

published on Jun 11, 2020

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Report Overview:

NelsonHall's market analysis of CX Services in Telecom and Media consists of 89 pages.

Who is this Report for:

NelsonHall's "CX Services in Telecom and Media" report is a market assessment report designed for:

  • Sourcing managers investigating "the art of the possible" and the perspectives of their peers towards next generation customer service
  • Vendor marketing, sales and business managers developing strategies to target digital & service transformation opportunities within customer experience
  • Financial analysts and investors specializing in the IT services and BPS sector.

Scope of this Report:

The report is based on interviews with CX services providers and clients. It analyzes the worldwide market for CX services in telecom and media and addresses the following questions:

  • What is the current and future market for CX services in the sector?
  • What is the market size and projected growth for the sector CX services?
  • What is the market size and projected growth for the sector CX services by geography?
  • What are the top drivers for the adoption of the sector CX services?
  • What are the benefits currently achieved by clients of the sector CX services?
  • What factors are inhibiting client adoption of the sector CX services?
  • What are the main sector CX services offerings and services provided by vendors?
  • What is the current pattern of delivery location and how is this changing?
  • What are the tools and frameworks used by CX services vendors for delivery and how are these changing?
  • What are the main external partnerships used by CX services vendors and how are these changing?
  • What are the selection criteria, challenges and critical success factors for CX services in the sectors?

Key Findings & Highlights:

The CX services market (excluding collections) in telecom and media is ~36% of the global industry, remaining the largest industry by revenue. It is growing below the market average through 2024. U.S. is the biggest market, followed by major European markets such as the U.K. and Germany. The Middle East, Africa, and the APAC region are the fastest growing.

COVID-19 related disruptions, including CX services supply shortage and the expected economic recession, cause headwinds to the already declining growth of the telecom industry. On the other end, certain segments of media such as online advertising, video streaming, and gaming poise sizable opportunities

Key client needs from outsourced CX services are for risk mitigation through delivery diversification, including a meaningful shift to WAH; cost optimization through self-service and automation; and customer satisfaction improvement resulting from technology intervention and process redesign.

The main challenges for telecom and media clients to achieve transformational benefits in CXS are the legacy infrastructure and complex supplier and support environments. For vendors, the biggest barriers to CX transformation are the limited scope of outsourced work and the need for advanced commercial terms.

Digital channel adoption is the highest in the vertical, with telecom and media clients looking to add emerging channels such as in-app chat, messengers, and voice assistants.

The current maturity of self-service in the sectors is increasing, often becoming the center of CX transformation plans. Cognitive bot deployments are predominantly over text with few virtual voice assistants in pilot.

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