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Blog posts by John Willmott

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  • Cognizant Aims for Major Uplift in Bluebolt Grassroots Innovation Program in 2024

    May 24, 2024, by John Willmott

      Cognizant has a long history of continuous improvement and innovation. However, its grassroots delivery teams were reticent in taking minor innovations to clients, so it underperformed in idea and innovation generation and ran beneath the radar, with clients typically unaware of innovations being undertaken. However, in 2023, following the arrival of its new CEO, the company took [...]

  • Conduent Partners with Microsoft to Underpin Client GenAI Innovation Initiatives

    May 02, 2024, by John Willmott

      Conduent has partnered with Microsoft to use Microsoft Azure OpenAI to underpin its GenAI innovation initiatives with clients. Its GenAI journey includes: Selecting use cases focused on improving quality, throughput, and cycle times Adoption of pilots in healthcare claims adjudication, fraud detection, and customer service enhancement Subsequently, moving to MVPs and ind[...]

  • Capgemini Enterprise Automation Fabric Moves Beyond IT Incident Management to Driving Business KPIs

    Dec 22, 2023, by John Willmott

    While more efficient management of IT KPIs and incidents remains highly important, and Capgemini’s Enterprise Automation Fabric addresses these challenges, it now goes further and enables organizations to relate the impact of missed IT KPIs and incidents to individual business KPIs. Not all IT KPIs are created equal, so Enterprise Automation Fabric incorporates a 3-level CMDB linking busi[...]

  • What Characterizes Leading Supply Chain Transformation Vendors?

    Aug 30, 2022, by John Willmott

      The pandemic stress-tested many supply chains beyond previous expectations, identifying and magnifying any process shortfalls. The current economic downturn and additional disruption of supply chains by geopolitical factors have further exacerbated the difficulties enterprises face in their day-to-day supply chain management. Accordingly, enterprises are typically seeking increase[...]

  • Capgemini Launches ’One Operations’ to Support CPG Enterprises in Driving Revenue Growth

    Aug 08, 2022, by John Willmott

      Capgemini has launched a new digital transformation service, One Operations, with the specific goal of driving client revenue growth. One Operations: Key Principles Some of One Operations’ principles, such as introducing benchmark-driven best practice operations models, taking an end-to-end approach to operations across silos, and using co-invested innovation funds, are r[...]

  • WNS Repositions its Data & Analytics Practice to Assist Organizations in Becoming 'Insights-Led Enterprises'

    Jul 28, 2022, by John Willmott

      Analytics has often been run as a series of periodic and siloed exercises. However, to respond to their customers in the smartest, fastest, most efficient manner, WNS perceives that organizations increasingly need to run their analytics always-on, in almost real-time, and on an enterprise rather than siloed basis. To do this and become ‘insights-led enterprises’, organiza[...]

  • The Role of Organizational Change Management in Digital Transformation

    Feb 10, 2022, by John Willmott

      Digital transformation and the associated adoption of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) remains at an all-time high. This is to be encouraged, and enterprises are now reinventing their services and delivery at a record pace. Consequently, enterprise operations and service delivery are increasingly becoming hybrid, with delivery handled by tightly integrated combinations of personn[...]

  • Capgemini Looks to Accelerate Process Transformation with the "Frictionless Enterprise"

    Apr 28, 2021, by John Willmott

      The value of automation using tools such as RPA, and more recently intelligent automation, has been accepted for years. However, there is still a danger in many automation projects that while each project is valuable in its own right, they become disconnected islands of automation with limited connectivity and lifespans. Accordingly, while elements of process friction have been remov[...]

  • Capgemini’s Intelligent Process Automation, Part 2: Intelligent Transaction Routing & Digital Twins Maximize RoI Delivery

    Mar 01, 2021, by John Willmott

      Part 1 of this blog focused on Capgemini’s structured approach to workforce motivation and upskilling when transitioning to a Frictionless Enterprise that leverages a digitally augmented workforce. This second part looks at how, when adopting a digitally augmented workforce, it is critical to ensure optimized routing of incoming queries and transactions between humans and machi[...]

  • Capgemini's Intelligent Process Automation, Part 1: Significant Growth From Frictionless Enterprise Approach

    Feb 25, 2021, by John Willmott

      This is Part 1 of a two-part blog looking at Capgemini’s Intelligent Process Automation practice. Here I examine Frictionless Enterprise, Capgemini’s framework for intelligent process automation that focuses on the adoption of a digitally augmented workforce. Digital transformation has been high on enterprise agendas for some years. However, COVID-19 has given the driv[...]

  • 2020 Lessons & Future Success Factors: Q&A with Wipro’s Nagendra P Bandaru

    Jan 22, 2021, by John Willmott

      The following is a discussion between Nagendra (Nag) P Bandaru, President, Wipro Limited – Global Business Lines-iCore, and John Willmott, NelsonHall CEO, covering lessons learned in 2020 and success factors for 2021. Nag is responsible for Infrastructure and Cloud Services, Digital Operations and Platforms, and Risk Services and Enterprise Cybersecurity – three key [...]

  • WNS Aggressively Developing Digital Interventions to Transform Insurers’ Claims Capability

    Jan 22, 2021, by John Willmott

      WNS has a highly developed property & casualty (P&C) insurance practice handling 30 million claims transactions and ~$12 billion in claims spend annually. The company has extensive capability in property & casualty supporting motor, property, casualty, employer and public liability for insurers, fleet operators, MGAs, global corporates, and municipal authorities. WNS has [...]

  • Infosys McCamish Life & Annuities Platforms Combining Depth of Policy Coverage & Breadth of Customer Experience

    Nov 20, 2020, by John Willmott

      For some time, life & annuities carriers have suffered from a multitude of legacy platforms, with each implemented to handle a particular style of product that was either not handled by its predecessor or was added through the acquisition of a set of blocks from another carrier. The resulting stable of platforms has always been expensive to maintain. In recent years, this has bee[...]

  • WNS Launches Quote-to-Sustain to Reinvent Order-to-Cash

    Nov 20, 2020, by John Willmott

      The pandemic has changed organizations’ attitudes towards the need for change, greatly increasing their emphasis on adopting new digital process models and digital transformation. Partly this is driven by the need to enhance their transactional efficiency and effectiveness rapidly, but at least equally importantly, it has brought a much greater requirement for real-time informa[...]

  • Capgemini's CIAP 2.0 Assists Enterprises in Rapid & Cost-Effective Scaling of Automation Initiatives

    Nov 10, 2020, by John Willmott

      Capgemini has just launched version 2 of the Capgemini Intelligent Automation Platform (CIAP) to assist organizations in offering an enterprise-wide and AI-enabled approach to their automation initiatives across IT and business operations. In particular, CIAP offers: Reduced TCO and increased resilience through use of shared third-party components Support for AIOps and DevSec[...]

  • Moving to an Autonomous Supply Chain: Q&A with Capgemini’s Joerg Junghanns – Part 2

    Feb 20, 2020, by John Willmott

    Read Part 1 here.   Q&A Part 2 JW: What are the main supply chain flows that supply chain executives should look to address? JJ: Traditionally, there are three main supply chain flows that benefit from automation: Physical flow (flow of goods from, e.g., from a DC to a retailer, the most visible and tangible flow) – some more obvious than others, such as parcel[...]

  • Moving to an Autonomous Supply Chain: Q&A with Capgemini’s Joerg Junghanns – Part 1

    Feb 18, 2020, by John Willmott

      Introduction Supply chain management is an area currently facing considerable pressure and is a key target for transformation. NelsonHall research shows that less than a third of supply chain executives in major enterprises are highly satisfied with, for example, their demand forecasting accuracy and their logistics planning and optimization, and that the majority perceive there t[...]

  • Genpact Acquires Rightpoint to Strengthen 'Experience' Capability

    Oct 24, 2019, by John Willmott

      Enterprise operations transformation requires three critically important capabilities: Domain process expertise and the ability to identify new “digital” target operating models Transformational technology capability, leveraging technologies such as cloud platforms and intelligent automation to elevate straight-through processing and self-service principles ahead [...]

  • IPsoft Looks to Reduce Time to Value While Increasing Return on AI

    May 20, 2019, by John Willmott

      NelsonHall recently attended the IPsoft Digital Workforce Summit in New York and its analyst events in NY and London. For organizations unfamiliar with IPsoft, the company has around 2,300 employees, approximately 70% of these based in the U.S. and 20% in Europe. Europe is responsible for aproximately 30% of the IPsoft client base with clients relatively evenly distributed over the s[...]

  • Blue Prism Offers A Lever for Culture Change to Mature Enterprises

    Apr 18, 2019, by John Willmott

    Blue Prism adopted the theme “Connected RPA – Powering the Connected Entrepreneur Enterprise” at its recent Blue Prism World conferences, the key components of connected-RPA being the Blue Prism connected-RPA platform, Blue Prism Digital Exchange, Blue Prism Skills, and Blue Prism Communities:   Components of Blue Prism's connected-RPA   Blue Prism i[...]