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Blog posts by Ivan Kotzev

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  • Concentrix Acquires PK to Enhance IT-CX Intersection Play

    Nov 24, 2021, by Ivan Kotzev

      This week, Concentrix announced its agreement to acquire PK, a U.S. CX design engineering firm, for ~$1.6bn from PE Carlyle Group. PK will add significant scale and IT capabilities in CX transformation and will enhance Concentrix’s play in the fast-growing intersection of cloud technology, automation and analytics assets, and digital customer journeys. Digital and human asse[...]

  • Vodafone NZ’s Automation Journey with Tech Mahindra

    Oct 26, 2021, by Ivan Kotzev

      Humble beginnings Tech Mahindra and Vodafone New Zealand began their partnership in 2017 with a proof of concept for leveraging RPA in billing for one customer segment. Following its success, it evolved to a complete revamp of the telecom’s CX operating model using automation. The two companies created a shared team to discover, perform RPA feasibility checks, justify, an[...]

  • Tech Mahindra Orchestrating CX Transformation: Interview with Birendra Sen

    Sep 16, 2021, by Ivan Kotzev

      Earlier this summer, I spoke with Birendra Sen, Business Leader, Tech Mahindra Business Process Services, on the building blocks of customer experience transformation and lessons from the pandemic. What are the main customer experience objectives for companies in 2021 and 2022? Birendra Sen: The pandemic caused almost a reset of customer experience objectives for brands. It acc[...]

  • Webhelp Helping Reinvent French Public Sector CX

    Aug 04, 2021, by Ivan Kotzev

      2020 triggered multiple large-scale engagements between public sector bodies and CX services providers, with contract activity growing 12.5% year-over-year to reach $4.7bn globally this year (NelsonHall estimate). Outsourcing companies provided healthcare information lines, patient track and trace, unemployment and social benefits hotlines, and loan administration for national, regio[...]

  • Teleperformance Gamification: Shortcut to Knowledge and Engagement

    Jul 07, 2021, by Ivan Kotzev

      From wine to pharmacy sales, gamification is quickly becoming a tool for marketers to attract and retain customers in a subscription economy. Yet at its core, gamification is a leading method to teach, retrain, and engage employees. We recently spoke with Teleperformance about their gamification practice and the benefits of implementing comprehensive game-based learning. Game-base[...]

  • Sitel’s SYKES deal: Analysis & Market Impact

    Jun 30, 2021, by Ivan Kotzev

      Sitel’s announcement on 18 June to enter an agreement to acquire all outstanding shares of SYKES stock further consolidates the global CX services leaders. It also highlights the market shift to large-scale, multinational, and financially strong players able to make the needed investments in consulting, CX technology, and automation. Here is a short analysis of the deal. The[...]

  • Will the CX Services Boom Last?

    May 24, 2021, by Ivan Kotzev

      While the CX services industry is anxiously following the situation in India and its surge of COVID-19 cases, the start of 2021 mainly brought positive news. In this blog, I look at the strong performance across the industry and the extent to which the current growth is sustainable. 2021’s record start The three months ending 31st March 2021 was a record quarter for many [...]

  • Shifts in Mobility are Reshaping CX: CSS Corp’s SMART Mobility Practice

    May 12, 2021, by Ivan Kotzev

      2020 further accelerated transformative trends in the mobility space. Changes include electric vehicle adoption and the shift to mobility as a service and mobility on demand. Auto manufacturers, car rental firms, ridesharing providers, and public transport operations are all responding to this new market and, in support, the underlying model is changing from product to service to cus[...]

  • Five CX Services Trends in 2021

    Jan 13, 2021, by Ivan Kotzev

      2020 was a very disruptive year for CX services, marked by supply problems in the first half and a massive shift to WAH. It also proved to clients the key role of their CX services suppliers and the major benefits of outsourcing. The year started several trends and accelerate multiple others which will shape a dynamic 2021 for the industry. Here are five CX services trends for 2021. [...]

  • Gig Work: From Stopgap to Pillar of WNS’ CX Services Model

    Dec 15, 2020, by Ivan Kotzev

      In a year when the U.S. stock market pushed to a record high, the U.K. had its worst recession in 300 years, and entire sectors shut down for weeks, business planning has become less reliable while demand fluctuates unexpectedly and inconsistently. The supporting industry of CX services is directly impacted on two fronts: Challenges with supply, where the traditional multi-hund[...]

  • Majorel Eyes Growing EU Banking Sector with ISILIS Acquisition

    Oct 19, 2020, by Ivan Kotzev

    In July 2020, Majorel acquired French platform developer ISILIS, specialists in bank account switching. In this blog, I look at the new capability, the company’s focus on the banking and financial services sector, and the evolving CX services needs of EU banks. Specialist in bank account portability ISILIS was founded in 2004 initially to support non-regulated account switching pro[...]

  • Online Crisis Management: Lessons from HGS’ Social Care Practice

    Aug 28, 2020, by Ivan Kotzev

      Ages ago, in the pre-COVID-19, pre-U.S. election, pre-BLM protest times of 2019, the challenges of online reputation management (ORM) seemed to be brand-specific. For example, how Boeing could restore customer confidence in the 737 MAX aircraft. Today, in the second half of 2020, navigating social media during a crisis is top of mind for most brand managers and PR departments across [...]

  • Positive Outlook from the Egyptian BPS Market

    Jul 31, 2020, by Ivan Kotzev

      The impacts of the pandemic and lockdowns are creating winners and losers in terms of BPS delivery geos. Determining factors include a geo’s ability to manage the health and safety of workers, its success in minimizing economic disruption, and the flexibility of its labor regulators. For Egypt, the unfolding effects of COVID-19 on front-office BPS may be too early to judge, [...]

  • ‘Work from Anywhere’ for CX Services: Q&A with Tech Mahindra’s Ritesh Idnani

    Jul 10, 2020, by Ivan Kotzev

      If there is a silver lining to the pandemic with respect to CX services, it is the changing perception of clients and providers on the pace of digital transformation and the role of frontline staff. In a conversation with Ritesh Idnani, President of Tech Mahindra, we discuss the company’s vision for what the Future of Work looks like and some of the latest trends and technologi[...]

  • COVID-19 Accelerating the Future of CX Work: Teleperformance EMEA

    Jun 04, 2020, by Ivan Kotzev

      The COVID-19 crisis is forcing a rethink of the CX delivery model with large contact centers. The fundamental question is how to maintain people’s health and safety in an open floor space with hundreds of seats, continuous face-to-face interactions, shared equipment, and 24x7 operations. For many outsourcing clients, the pandemic was the trigger to adopt work-at-home (WAH) for [...]

  • Supercharged Technical Support: Augmented Reality with CSS Corp’s KYRA

    May 18, 2020, by Ivan Kotzev

      In a new social distancing world, most traditional face-to-face customer service tasks have had to digitize quickly. This trend is not new, but for some processes, it required the adoption of emerging technology and different operational models. A prime example is customer premise visits by engineers for equipment installations, parts replacement, and technical support. For several y[...]

  • Concentrix Messaging & Bots: Innovation During the COVID-19 Crisis

    Apr 14, 2020, by Ivan Kotzev

      One of the memes during the COVID-19 crisis asks ‘who led the digital transformation of your company?’ with the options of ‘the CEO’, ‘the CTO’, or ‘the virus’. The global emergency has severely impacted CX, forcing many organizations to shut down or limit their contact center operations when they are most needed. A side effect is that,[...]

  • Alorica Harnesses Technology to Engage Gen X, Y & Z Workforce

    Apr 06, 2020, by Ivan Kotzev

      High employee attrition rates are the norm in contact centers, with companies maintaining a constant recruitment, training, and onboarding pipeline. As generations X, Y, and Z come to represent the majority of the workforce, these new workers have different career aspirations, work values, and learning styles. For CX services providers with global delivery networks and demand for spe[...]

  • WAH CX Delivery Extending Beyond North America: Lessons from Transcom

    Feb 28, 2020, by Ivan Kotzev

      As businesses brace for the effects of the Covid-19 virus, one direct impact is already happening: the mandatory shift to work-at-home (WAH) in China created the world’s biggest remote working experiment. In CX services, this health hazard is putting the WAH model top of mind for both providers and clients. While virtual work has been gaining traction in the last few years, thi[...]

  • Teleperformance Optimizes its Go-to-Market with Digital Integrated Business Services

    Feb 14, 2020, by Ivan Kotzev

      At the end of January 2020, NelsonHall attended Teleperformance’s global analyst meeting in Mumbai. Here are some insights into the company’s progress since the Intelenet acquisition in October 2018 and the formation of Teleperformance Digital Integrated Business Services (D.I.B.S.). Repositioning as a knowledge partner Teleperformance’s reorganization in 2019[...]