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Your Benefits as a Service Buyer

NelsonHall's vision is to assist you in saving time and money while making more informed sourcing and vendor selection decisions.

We do the work in evaluating the outsourcing vendors and markets, so that you don't have to do so. All the preliminary information that you need is available from NelsonHall - either online or via our analyst enquiry service.

Save time and money

Organizations are increasingly seeking to source at speed, yet with greater certainty and lower risk. NelsonHall can help you achieve these objectives while simultaneously helping you to save money.

We can help you by providing objective and in-depth research on both markets and vendors. This has the advantages of:

  • Saving time and hastening speed-to-source: we do the background work so that you don't have to spend time on secondary research
  • Saving money: using executive time for background research is an extensive undertaking and you have more important things to do
  • De-risking sourcing projects: publicly available information often has bias or is unreliable and lacks depth of insight. Our research is unequalled in its depth and objectivity.

Improve your BPS and ITS vendor selection

Vendor selection is your decision, not ours. However, NelsonHall can help provide the information you need for enhanced shortlist development.

It is important when developing vendor shortlists to have the depth of evidence required to support decisions of this type. In this way you can get beyond a repeat invitation to the usual suspects regardless of capability, and select your shortlist based on an in-depth analysis of individual vendors relative to the particular process under consideration.

At this stage, NelsonHall can give you unparalled access to in-depth vendor information.

This saves you the time and expense often associated with initial data collection, taking time out of the front-end of your sourcing projects and enabling faster vendor selection, while saving the internal effort, and hence cost, associated with initial data collection.

In particular, NelsonHall can contribute to vendor selection through:

  • The breadth of our vendor knowledge
    Our analysts track hundreds of vendors and maintain detailed, up-to-date, and objective assessments for the leading vendors active in each process area
  • The depth of our vendor knowledge
    We produce in-depth vendor assessments covering the reality of each vendor's offerings, customer base, and delivery capability
  • The currency of our information
    We constantly monitor the vendors to identify the impact of new contracts, new capability announcements, mergers and acquisitions, and financial results
  • Our objectivity
    Our vendor assessments are intended to provide you with the information you need to make the decision, not make the decision for you. Accordingly, we steer clear of glowing endorsements and present you with the detailed and objective evidence instead. Unlike some analyst firms, we interview the vendors and make our own judgments; we do not ask vendors to fill in forms or write their own assessments
  • The domain expertise of our analysts
    Our analysts and advisors have deep BPS and ITS outsourcing experience and can help you identify the critical success factors for each process area, and accordingly the key characteristics that you shoulld seek in a supplier for a particular process area.

Develop pragmatic sourcing strategies

Not only does BPS and ITS outsourcing consist of a wide range of services, but each service typically has its own success criteria. And knowing which rules apply to which service is critical to sourcing succcess. Getting this wrong can lead to an expensive short-term technology failure or a long-term failure to stay competitive. And the rules change by process as the industry drives down its learning curve.

Accordingly, it is critical when you develop your organization's sourcing strategy to understand how BPS and ITS is currently applied to each process under consideration and, equally importantly, to understand how BPS and ITS delivery strategies are likely to change over the lifetime of your contract.

It is absolutely critical that your initial data collection in support of sourcing projects is based on independently-sourced and reliable information rather than publicly available promotional material.

Whether you are evaluating multiple processes across the organization or just a single process, NelsonHall can help you identify whether outsourcing is right for you and, if so, what is the best approach and which vendors are applicable to your requirements.

We can support you in assessing:

  • The pattern of outsourcing within your industry. Who has outsourced, what did they outsource, and why?
  • The level of benefit being achieved from outsourcing, process by process
  • The mechanisms for achieving benefit from outsourcing
  • The risk factors to avoid
  • When and where offshoring is appropriate
  • The optimum delivery approach
  • The role of technology
  • Potential developments in the above during the life of your contract.