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Your analyst partner

NelsonHall encourages its analysts and advisors to work closely with its clients, to be evidence-based and objective in their advice, and to act as trusted advisors.

Our partnership philosophy

Our partnership philosophy is based on the following principles:

  • Accessibility
    We make our best analysts and advisors directly visible to our clients and encourage them to work closely with our clients
  • Value for money
    It can be difficult for our clients to know where advice and guidance will be required next, so we provide buy-side clients (i.e. sourcing decision-makers) with unlimited access to all NelsonHall's services for a single up-front annual fee
  • Unmetered analyst access
    While we have to charge for major bespoke work, we will not charge clients for queries that can be readily handled based on current material and analyst knowledge
  • Evidence-based advice
    All our advice and opinion must be evidence-based, guaranteeing impartiality and avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Your decision
    We give our clients the facts but recognize that they can use their own judgment. The sourcing strategy, business case, and sourcing decisions belong to you, not us.

Our core values

NelsonHall's vision is to provide services that are unique in combining depth of analysis, objectivity, and accuracy of information, in support of our clients' business decisions.

Our approach is defined by a set of five core values:

  • The principle that "insight" derives from "evidence", not repetition of industry hype
  • Adherence to an evidence-based methodology that ensures objectivity and independence of analysis for both users and vendors
  • The desire to be the unrivalled subject matter experts in our chosen domains. This involves building on prior experience and systematically repeating studies within our focus areas in order to build depth of knowledge and continuity of service. It also requires NelsonHall to extend the boundaries of industry knowledge
  • The importance of accountability. All research is carried out in-house by our own experienced consultants, and an individual consultant retains end-to-end ownership of each individual project. We avoid project hand-offs, which lead to loss of knowledge, and do not use associates, which impedes auditing of the evidence and leads to "quality leakage"
  • Approachability and availability to clients.