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NelsonHall's vision is to assist you in saving time and money while making more informed sourcing and vendor selection decisions.

We do the work in evaluating the outsourcing vendors and markets, so that you don't have to do so. All the preliminary information that you need is available from NelsonHall - either online or via our analyst enquiry service.

We aim to do this while providing a service that is unique in offering:

  • Unrivalled domain expertise, based on
  • Evidence-based insight, supported by
  • Accessible analysts and advisors, who work in partnership with our clients.

Process Scope

NelsonHall's services are available to service buyers for a one-off fee which gives you access to all our domain expertise.

Our domain coverage provides in-depth support for each of the following areas:

Within each of these areas we go further still, providing in-depth analyses by process and sub-process and providing both market analyses and a range of in-depth vendor assessments.

In addition, our analysts are available to complement these services with specialist information and to answer queries unique to your organization.

Program content

Within each program, NelsonHall provides:

  • Unmetered analyst access, for advice and recommendations
  • Vendor tracking, monitoring supplier and industry developments related to the domain
  • Vendor assessments, providing detailed analyses of the leading vendors within each of the process areas covered
  • Contract details, identifying those organizations which have outsourced and to whom
  • Market analyses, covering the process area both from an end-to-end perspective (e.g. multi-process HR outsourcing), and by sub-process (e.g. benefits administration, learning BPO, or recruitment process outsourcing)
  • Case studies, providing details of the specific experience of organizations that have outsourced within this domain, and evaluating the benefits they achieved from BPS or ITS.

In addition, our analysts are available to help you apply the material to your situation and answer questions that are unique to your organization.

Find out more

To learn more about NelsonHall's services can support your sourcing success, please contact:

Matthaus Davies [email protected]

Guy Saunders [email protected]

Paul Connolly [email protected]