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Payroll Services - Client Expectation Analysis

Market Analysis

by Elizabeth Rennie

published on Apr 12, 2018

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Report Overview:

NelsonHall's client expectation analysis of Payroll Services consists of 40 pages.

Scope of this Report:

As part of NelsonHall’s 2017 Next Generation Payroll Services market analysis, in addition to interviewing over 20 of the leading payroll services providers globally, our research extended to a survey of these vendors’ clients.  Through this survey we met with 25 clients of these vendors, representing a range of geographies, industries, size, scope of services, and various levels of maturity in their sourcing of payroll.

Each interview was conducted to cover several focus areas, to gain a comprehensive understanding from the client perspective including their experience as subscriber of payroll services in the current market place. This was specifically designed to understand, not only the perception for the vendor performance in meeting client needs currently, but also their ability to meet the clients’ needs in the future. The survey focused on the following key areas:

  • Payroll services usage
  • Benefits derived directly from payroll services
  • Vendor approach to benefit delivery
  • Client satisfaction
  • Client future expectations and vendor ability to meet these future requirements.

For each of these focus areas, clients were asked to rate various attributes including: services used, services satisfaction, benefits sought, benefits importance, vendor approach, and overall performance satisfaction.

Key Findings & Highlights:

  • Top vendor attributes driving selection: technology capability, flexibility, and global capability
  • Top service usage: payroll processing, ePayslip delivery, and payroll run/validation and management
  • Top benefits: improved compliance, enhanced reporting, and payroll consistency
  • Clients placed highest importance on transformation, with digitization driving the greatest change
  • While cost was not a top driver, solution features that delivered ROI across the operating model were seen as critical
  • Clients felt automation was key to improving processes, yet most had no idea of vendor programs or how they intend to leverage automation
  • Overall client satisfaction was positive; However, vendor engagement, collaboration, and proactive approach to process improvement are not meeting client expectations
  • Despite leveraging modern cloud systems, integration across the HR/payroll landscape is lacking; negatively impacting reporting and the user experience 

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