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Sopra To Acquire Steria to Grow International Presence and Expand into BPO

Sopra Group is to acquire Steria for an all-share transaction valuing Steria at €722m. The acquisition is presented as a merger of equals.

Sopra's rationale for the acquisition includes:

  • Expanding its geographical presence from France to the U.K., Germany and Norway
  • Gaining a new service portfolio in BPO services and IM.

Sopra is to launch a public exchange merger where Sopra offers 1 share of its stock for 4 Steria ones. The offer values each Steria share at €21.5 (based on a Sopra Group share at €86.16), a 40% premium to last Friday’ value of €15.74, and about 12 times Steria's forecast 2014 earnings.

The combined entity will have Sopra's founder and president Pierre Pasquier as chair and Steria's Francois Enaud as CEO.

The acquisition will be a major service expansion for Sopra, which had remained very application service centric: systems integration accounted for €730m in revenues in 2013, consulting: ~€95m; and application management: ~€530m.

In the past three years, since the IPO of Axway, Sopra Group has made several ISV acquisitions, of which the major ones were Callatay & Wouters in Belgium, and HR Access in France. In 2013, software products and related IT services accounted for ~€340m in revenues.

By comparison, Steria has an extensive portfolio of services, including IT infrastructure management (~€526m), BPO services (€316m), consulting & systems integration (~€649m) and application management (€263m). In fact, Steria brings Sopra capabilities in areas where CEO Pierre Pasquier had in the past expressed it did not want to go into e.g. IT infrastructure management for margin reasons. in todays presentation on the merger presentation, Pasquier's position on IM had changed, commenting that more clients are asking for AM services or SaaS applications together with the underlying IT infrastructure services.

In all likelihood, the potential acquisition of Steria for €722m in shares was a deal Sopra could not refuse. If we look back to 2007, Steria acquired Xansa for €680m in an all cash transaction. Today's valuation includes all the operations of Steria in France, Norway and Germany.

The big benefit of the Steria acquisition from a Sopra perspective is that it finally solves the company’s lack of internationalization. While Sopra Group has been successful in its domestic market with good organic revenue growth and operating margins, it has struggled to grow its U.K. and Spanish operations (both have remained at ~€80m in revenues). And Sopra's profitability in the U.K. and Spain has been hurting the company for several years. Steria brings a U.K. business with revenues of €692m and a 10.0% adjusted operating margin that is on the verge of high growth thanks to the ISSC2 contract.

Steria also brings a good country unit in Norway which has been performing decently.

The big question market remains its operations in France, where Steria had ben preparing for significant redundancies in back office and support activities. Interestingly, Steria France has put on hold its job redundancy program as Sopra France is expected to absorb some of the personnel on the bench through existing contracts and through removing subcontractors. SSG appears confident of being able to resume growth in Steria France rather painlessly.

Looking back, Steria has had a rather successful journey since 2002 and its first major acquisition, that of Integris/Bull. The company managed to increase its profitability year after year in spite of an unfavorable economic environment, adoption of industrialization and standardization and offshore. The acquisition of Xansa was a strategic (and expensive) move but it was impacted just nine months later by the U.S. subprime crisis impacting the global economy. However, Steria was was not able to cross-sell BPO and offshore to its client base in Germany and France. The company has clearly a competitive advantage it was not able to make us of. Currently, Capgemini now uses an Indian offshore leverage of 20% in its French operations. Steria does not. That is possibly the most major drawback of Steria’s performance in the past 15 years.

Sopra/Steria combined will become the third largest European IT services vendor, though some way behind Atos and Capgemini.

Consolidation within the European IT services market has been on the cards for some time, so today's news should not be too much of a surprise. Will we see further mergers or strategic partnerships in Europe this year?

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