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NelsonHall Blog

  • Technology & People Analytics Evolving to Support the HR Lifecycle

    Sep 28, 2022, by Jeanine Crane-Thompson

      Earlier this month, the 2022 HR Technology Conference saw more than 400 vendors and 5,000 participants descend upon the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Hotel & Conference Center. Attendees presented industry trends, learned from colleagues, viewed demos of the latest technologies, and met face-to-face in what felt like a pre-2020 setting. Several key observations from this year's c[...]

  • Atlas’ $200m Strategic Equity Investment Enables Continued Global Expansion

    Sep 26, 2022, by Jeanine Crane-Thompson

      On September 15, Atlas secured a strategic equity investment of up to $200m in partnership with Sixth Street Growth. Atlas specializes in direct employer of record (EOR) solutions and enabling technology, contractor pay, consulting services, HR service delivery, and global mobility & visa offerings. The company is focused on supporting clients’ international expansion st[...]

  • TCS Emphasizes Neural Manufacturing in Support of Digital Manufacturing Initiative

    Sep 21, 2022, by Dominique Raviart

      We recently talked to TCS about the company’s involvement in connected plants, TCS’ terminology for digital manufacturing. TCS has a broad connected plants portfolio, ranging from manufacturing IT systems, MES, Industry 4.0 and connected supply chain, to industrial control systems, and automation. The development of this portfolio currently emphasizes further specializ[...]

  • CSS Corp Rebrands as Movate & Positions OnDemand Work as Key Value Driver

    Sep 20, 2022, by Ivan Kotzev

      In September 2022, CSS Corp announced a new name and brand identity: Movate. "Movate" promotes the company's commitment to achieving outcomes for its clients and co-innovating with them. The brand signifies Momentum and Innovation, the two core themes for the company. A key part of Movate's innovation framework is flexible gig work and work-from-anywhere delivery. I[...]

  • Pontoon’s Evolutionary Services Procurement Approach for Contingent Hiring Success

    Sep 14, 2022, by Nikki Edwards

      Pontoon's recently reimagined Services Procurement contingent hiring solution enables a simplified, client-centric journey, with best practice at its core and underpinned by industry-leading technology. In 2021, Pontoon conducted a thorough evaluation of its existing offering, other solutions in the market, and what current and future clients were looking for from Services Procur[...]

  • TCS: Taking a Visionary Approach to Sustainability

    Sep 12, 2022, by Rachael Stormonth

    We recently talked with TCS about its stable of offerings for sustainability. Not only does the company have a broad set of offerings, but some of these have been on offer for years – this is not a new area of focus for TCS, which is taking a holistic approach to Sustainability. We note also that the company’s approach to the theme of Sustainability fits neatly in its corporate pos[...]

  • Testbirds Prepares for Hypergrowth

    Sep 02, 2022, by Dominique Raviart

      We recently talked to Testbirds, the largest Europe-headquartered crowdtesting firm, founded in 2012. We found Testbirds upbeat after the pandemic. The company had an excellent year in 2020, achieving revenue growth of 30% as organizations, challenged by closed offices, turned to Testbirds to conduct crowdtesting of their digital initiatives. This was followed by another excellent ye[...]

  • What Characterizes Leading Supply Chain Transformation Vendors?

    Aug 30, 2022, by John Willmott

      The pandemic stress-tested many supply chains beyond previous expectations, identifying and magnifying any process shortfalls. The current economic downturn and additional disruption of supply chains by geopolitical factors have further exacerbated the difficulties enterprises face in their day-to-day supply chain management. Accordingly, enterprises are typically seeking increase[...]

  • DE&I as a Core Business Strategy: ADP’s Internal Initiatives & Client Services

    Aug 18, 2022, by DeeAnna Warrington

      Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) has become an important focus for HR in recent years and is increasingly part of organizations’ core business strategy. This blog takes an in-depth look at ADP’s current DE&I strategies, both internally and as relates to its client service and offerings. ADP’s Corporate Social Responsibility ADP currently has ~6[...]

  • Cigniti Acquires RoundSqr to Accelerate its Digital Ambitions

    Aug 18, 2022, by Dominique Raviart

      We recently talked to Cigniti about its digital ambitions and its acquisition of RoundSqr. While remaining focused on quality engineering, Cigniti has quietly expanded its capabilities to RPA over the past three years. This extension is logical: RPA shares much with testing, relying on creating and maintaining bots or test scripts. This is the start: Cigniti has broad ‘digit[...]

  • Capgemini’s ESG Services Focused on Scope 3 Carbon Reduction & Advanced Reporting

    Aug 15, 2022, by Andy Efstathiou

      ESG is a hot, but poorly defined, topic. Many firms and investors have started ESG programs, but recent allegations of “greenwashing” and ineffectiveness have undermined confidence in them. So, what are the components of an effective ESG program? ESG is a wide set of dissimilar goals (e.g., carbon emissions reduction is very different than social inclusion). By focusin[...]

  • Enterprises Must Expedite Hybrid Multi-Cloud Initiatives to Drive Business Outcomes

    Aug 11, 2022, by John Laherty

      NelsonHall recently completed an in-depth analysis of end-to-end cloud infrastructure management services, in which we spoke to multiple leading IT services vendors and their clients. This blog looks at some of the key themes from this research, the investments vendors need to make to meet client demand, and how the market will evolve over the next 12 to 18 months. There is an inc[...]

  • Qualitest Acquires ZenQ, Expands Portfolio to Digital & Product Engineering Testing

    Aug 09, 2022, by Dominique Raviart

      We recently talked to Qualitest regarding its acquisition of ZenQ. ZenQ is the latest in a series of recent acquisitions by Qualitest, under the ownership of PE BridgePoint. The company acquired four firms in 2021: QA InfoTech (QAIT) in Bangalore, doubling Qualitest’s presence in India Olenick in the U.S. Telexiom in Germany Comply, an Israeli company that added [...]

  • WNS Repositions its Data & Analytics Practice to Assist Organizations in Becoming 'Insights-Led Enterprises'

    Jul 28, 2022, by John Willmott

      Analytics has often been run as a series of periodic and siloed exercises. However, to respond to their customers in the smartest, fastest, most efficient manner, WNS perceives that organizations increasingly need to run their analytics always-on, in almost real-time, and on an enterprise rather than siloed basis. To do this and become ‘insights-led enterprises’, organiza[...]

  • Capgemini’s Sogeti Positions QE in the World of IT Sustainability

    Jul 11, 2022, by Dominique Raviart

      There is a big divide between IT sustainability and quality engineering (QE). In IT, sustainability is emerging from a carbon emission niche, expanding from a consulting to an execution phase. In QE, the focus remains primarily on functional automation with continuous testing/DevOps and AI as primary drivers. In short, the two have little in common. As such, we had not anticipated[...]

  • EY Managed Services Driving Increased Efficiency for Clients

    Jun 27, 2022, by Andy Efstathiou

      I recently attended the EY Managed Services Analyst Summit. EY’s managed services business just finished a gangbuster year, growing 30% over the prior year, with some sub-segments growing at rates up to 150% y/y. Managed services is EY’s fastest growing line of business, justifying EY’s 12-year-long commitment to this business. Here I look at EY’s managed serv[...]

  • NTT Combines NTT DATA & NTT Ltd., Streamlining ICT Operations

    Jun 16, 2022, by Dominique Raviart

      NTT DATA recently announced the long-planned merger of its international business with NTT Ltd., the overseas ICT unit of Japanese telecoms giant NTT. The combined NTT DATA and NTT Ltd. will have revenues of ¥3.5tn (~$26.2bn) and 180k personnel. With this move, NTT unites its two ICT units into a single entity, driving its vision of One NTT. The merger will remove some overlap[...]

  • Atos Announces Major Restructure: Analysis

    Jun 15, 2022, by Dominique Raviart

      On June 14, 2022, Atos announced the unexpected separation of its IT infrastructure services unit, Tech Foundation, from its BDS and Digital units. With this move, Atos has aggregated its high-growth and high-profitability units into a new company, Evidian. Its infrastructure services capabilities will stay in legacy Atos, with the objective of stopping the revenue decline and improv[...]

  • Harvesting the Power of Machine Translation: Webhelp Polyglot

    Jun 09, 2022, by Ivan Kotzev

      Machine translation has been one of the fastest developing areas of AI in the last five years and has quickly become a target investment for CX services players. As the technology evolves from statistical analysis to the use of neural networks, CX services companies start to benefit at scale. Webhelp has been active in the space for several years, initially through partnerships with [...]

  • Unisys Repositioning for Growth

    Jun 09, 2022, by John Laherty

      NelsonHall recently attended Unisys’ Analyst and Advisor Event 2022 in Boston, MA. As IRL meetings and events begin to resume, it was great to engage with Unisys executives face-to-face once more. The $1.2bn sale of its Federal business to SAIC back in February 2020 is being partly used to fund acquisitions and portfolio investments for Unisys’ digital workplace and cl[...]