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NelsonHall Blog

  • Advanced RPO Acquires Aspirant RPO to Expand Scope of Services

    May 13, 2024, by Jeanine Crane-Thompson

      Recruitment process outsourcing provider Advanced RPO acquired Aspirant RPO, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, on May 1, 2024. Advanced RPO delivers full-cycle, project-based, custom, and high-volume RPO solutions to its clients across high-growth, mid-market, and enterprise sectors. The acquisition enriches Advanced RPO’s offering, specifically adding front-end talent acquis[...]

  • Conduent Partners with Microsoft to Underpin Client GenAI Innovation Initiatives

    May 02, 2024, by John Willmott

      Conduent has partnered with Microsoft to use Microsoft Azure OpenAI to underpin its GenAI innovation initiatives with clients. Its GenAI journey includes: Selecting use cases focused on improving quality, throughput, and cycle times Adoption of pilots in healthcare claims adjudication, fraud detection, and customer service enhancement Subsequently, moving to MVPs and ind[...]

  • NTT DATA Inc. Shares Priorities After Merger with NTT Ltd.

    May 01, 2024, by Dominique Raviart

      NTT DATA held its first EMEA Latin America (EMEAL) Analyst Day last week since the merger of NTT DATA and NTT Ltd. announced in June 2022. The event provided some perspective on the new structure of the firm, its capabilities, and its short-term priorities. The new NTT DATA Group is a much-enlarged firm with $31bn in revenues and around 150,000 employees. The group comprises two s[...]

  • DXC Enhances P&C Insurance Solutions with AI-Now Strategy

    Apr 08, 2024, by Bilal Chaudhry

      NelsonHall recently attended the DXC Connect Insurance Executive Forum in Charleston, South Carolina, where the theme was ‘Connecting the world’s largest insurance community to solve challenges and drive value’. DXC focused on: Its new product strategy to meet insurers’ transformation and investment needs The ability to combine its SaaS solutions with [...]

  • Tech Mahindra Populii: Addressing AI Training Hypergrowth

    Apr 05, 2024, by Ivan Kotzev

      Populii is Tech Mahindra’s enterprise gig marketplace for data collection, user studies, and microtasks. NelsonHall recently spoke with Populii executives about the platform’s current capabilities and growth plans in support of the exploding AI data training market. Human annotation and specialized microtasks Populii is a gig community platform offering data collect[...]

  • Eviden’s Quality Engineering AI Journey

    Apr 03, 2024, by Dominique Raviart

      NelsonHall recently talked with Eviden, Atos’ consulting and application services business, about its QE practice, Digital Assurance. Digital Assurance has 5k quality engineers, 65% offshore, reflecting a high leverage in North America (due to its Syntel heritage) counterbalanced by Atos’ large European public sector client base. The practice has aligned its service po[...]

  • Sopra Steria’s Update on GenAI Experience: Focus on Software Engineering

    Mar 26, 2024, by Dominique Raviart

      During the summer of 2023, we met with Mohammed Sijelmassi, Sopra Steria’s CTO and Digital Transformation Office head and discussed how Sopra Steria was deploying internally and helping clients externally with GenAI and LLMs. Earlier this month, we met with Mr. Sijelmassi again to assess Sopra Steria’s progress on its transformation, its work with clients, and use cases. [...]

  • Capgemini & Salesforce: Enabling Banks to Deliver Customer-Centric Buying Experience

    Mar 18, 2024, by Andy Efstathiou

      Financial institutions have complex portfolios of products presented to customers in a siloed, product-centric fashion, which makes shopping for financial products inefficient and reduces the overall customer experience. However, digital delivery promises to improve customers' shopping experience, CX, and CSAT.  Some firms in other industries have been doing this successf[...]

  • ResultsCX Advances in Europe with Huntswood Acquisition

    Mar 15, 2024, by Ivan Kotzev

      In February 2024, ResultsCX made its third European acquisition since 2022, adding U.K. specialist BPS and CX services provider Huntswood. This move complements ResultsCX’s roadmap to gain a presence in European markets, diversify offshore delivery, and target the high-growth financial services sectors. I recently spoke with ResultsCX MD & CEO Rajesh Subramaniam about the d[...]

  • Infosys Delivering Financial Services Ops Transformation with AI-First Strategy

    Mar 14, 2024, by Andy Efstathiou

      NelsonHall recently attended the Infosys U.S. Analyst Day in Dallas, the theme of which was “Being AI First”. It demonstrated clear progress since last year’s conference in Infosys’ thinking and approach to the critical steps for effective implementation and operational deployment of AI. Key components of AI-led operational transformation Infosys and its[...]

  • Global Payroll Update from ADP: What to Expect in 2024

    Feb 12, 2024, by Elizabeth Rennie

      ADP's annual global payroll customer event took place in London recently, bringing together 224 decision-makers from some of the world's largest companies, representing ~20m employees. The event featured a global economic update, ADP's strategic vision, and product development updates. The event also included a "round the world" experience sharing insights into [...]

  • Wealth & Asset Managers Shift Focus to Serve New Customers

    Jan 29, 2024, by Andy Efstathiou

      Financial institutions are rapidly starting or growing existing wealth and asset management businesses. In the U.S., wealth assets under third-party management have grown over the last five years by 16.8% CAGR to 2023 (Source: Statista). Wealth advisors are looking to continue to invest in and grow their wealth management businesses because they see continued growth coming from: [...]

  • Supply Chain Trends, 2024: Removing Barriers to Visibility & Resilience

    Jan 24, 2024, by Vaibhav Wardhan

      2023 was a year full of challenges for supply chain leaders. Recovery from COVID-19, avoiding supply chain disruptions, mitigating geo-political risk and climate changes, and understanding the implications of ESG on the supply chain were some of the headwinds leaders had to navigate. Amidst all these challenges and the corresponding need for a resilient supply chain, all the buzz aro[...]

  • IT Services Predictions: 2024 Will Be a Year of Transition

    Jan 11, 2024, by Dominique Raviart

      2023 was a year of disruption after the 2021-22 digital catch-up. As the year unfolded, IT services spending slowed down, initially in the U.S. in the financial services, telecom, and high-tech sectors. We expect 2024 to be a year of transition with a modest rebound in IT services spending, continued consulting interest in GenAI, a rebound in cloud infrastructure adoption after a [...]

  • CX Services in 2024: Beyond GenAI

    Jan 05, 2024, by Ivan Kotzev

      2023 was a very dynamic year in CX services with large-scale market consolidation, significant growth deceleration, and sizable investment in AI technology, especially GenAI. In 2024, the role of agent augmentation technology will only increase, talent management will come to the forefront of vendor priorities, and clients will focus on delivery diversification, security, and reve[...]

  • Three Key Predictions for Banking in 2024

    Jan 04, 2024, by Andy Efstathiou

      In 2024, the financial services industry will face strong economic headwinds. Usually, this is a formula for downsizing and consolidation. However, today’s headwinds are so strong that the industry will need to: Assess and restructure its supply chains to address new priorities such as ESG reporting Accelerate customer experience transformation to increase personalizati[...]

  • Capgemini Enterprise Automation Fabric Moves Beyond IT Incident Management to Driving Business KPIs

    Dec 22, 2023, by John Willmott

    While more efficient management of IT KPIs and incidents remains highly important, and Capgemini’s Enterprise Automation Fabric addresses these challenges, it now goes further and enables organizations to relate the impact of missed IT KPIs and incidents to individual business KPIs. Not all IT KPIs are created equal, so Enterprise Automation Fabric incorporates a 3-level CMDB linking busi[...]

  • Tech Foundations Update: A Multi-Year Transformation

    Dec 15, 2023, by Dominique Raviart

      The CEO of Atos’ Tech Foundations business recently updated industry analysts on its transformation program. We have commented about the turbulent period Atos Group is going through in splitting into two businesses (Tech Foundations and Eviden). The planned sale of Tech Foundations to Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky’s EP Equity Investment (EPEI) vehicle is going ahe[...]

  • ESG Services Transforming Data Management in Banking

    Nov 30, 2023, by Andy Efstathiou

      ESG services are an emerging set of tracking and reporting capabilities for enterprises. Emerging technologies do not mature in a straight line but cycle through peaks and valleys of development and adoption as they mature. In the past year, ESG services have passed from the euphoria stage of market adoption to the valley stage as the hype has been confronted by the real-world challe[...]

  • NelsonHall Introduces Market Update as part of its Vendor Intelligence Program

    Nov 27, 2023, by Dominique Raviart

      NelsonHall recently wrote a PoV on the current disconnect between GDP growth and IT services spending[1]. In October 2023, the IMF refreshed its GDP growth predictions; these include better 2023 GDP growth in the U.S. (+2.1%) and Japan (+20%) than the U.K. (+0.5%) and the Eurozone (+0.7%). Unusually, the IMF's predictions are not in line with our observations of IT services spend[...]