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The Wizardry of HR Platforms: 9¾ Examples from 2017!


2017 has seen HR service providers rethinking their approach to tech development based on latest developments in the wider market. Firstly, developments in platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions have been core to driving what appears to be a seamless integration of talent technology/tools stacks. Secondly, software developers have changed their approach, focusing on user experience and functionality – driven by the increasing use of mobile technology (tablets and smartphones) and consumers wanting a more personalized, one-click approach to their tech experience.

Here, I look at some of the most prominent HR outsourcing platform developments of 2017, based on various interactions with HR outsourcing providers and attendance at HR tech events throughout the year (though numbered, no ranking is implied)…

1 - Affinix

Launched by PeopleScout in November 2017, and built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure, Affinix offers a ‘mobile first’ platform for both the candidate and the hiring manager to use during the application, scheduling, and screening process (with video interviewing and digital assessments). It uses artificial intelligence for sourcing of passive and active candidates; RPA to identify and rank the best candidates; enables digital and social recruiting; and uses predictive analytics to determine the best candidate behaviors and cultural fit. Affinix can also be integrated into an organization’s ATS and VMS. 

2 - ALT Recruit

One of five modules in its ALT HR SaaS technology, ALT Recruit is PeopleStrong’s next generation, mobile-enabled recruitment management platform which will offer organizations a complete DIY recruitment platform in 2018. Its automated sourcing platform enables the pulling of candidates from social media platforms, integration with job portals, and the pushing out of jobs to an organization’s internal candidates. Other features include automated resumé-based candidate shortlisting, review of recorded video profiles, and online assessments. It has full ATS and third-party supplier management functionality, predictive analytics (based on at least 50 metrics), and enables instant feedback to candidates. The development of a crowdsourcing platform will enable external candidates to be referred for jobs.

3 - Empower ECOmetrics

This is WilsonHCG’s proprietary analytics platform, linked to a variety of data sources and systems, both proprietary and third-party. It delivers prescriptive analytics (added in 2017) and reporting. Its analytics software holds all necessary account data and documentation in a secure cloud-based data warehouse and can be integrated with an organization’s ATS to ensure recruitment data tracking. This database is segmented per organization, and only permits access to the appropriate team members who are provided with a secure, account-specific login. Key features include a centralized executive dashboard, real-time reporting, customization, and flexibility to scale with future business needs.

4 - HireMojo

HireMojo is a fully integrated hiring automation platform with full ATS capability. Although an organization’s own content can be uploaded, it provides a library of job descriptions/interview questions to use; enables smart job posting (using data/analytics to determine the best sourcing channel); automated sourcing of the most suitable active/passive candidates; and automated screening and scoring of candidates – all in a fair and transparent way.

5 - HR eXperience (HRX)

NGA HR’s multichannel employee experience platform brings together payroll case management (myHRW), global payroll (via integration middleware PEX), analytics, and chatbots into a single standardized user experience. NGA HRX also connects to a customer’s HR system of record/system of engagement (such as SAP SuccessFactors). NGA HRX enables payroll cases to be resolved immediately, and a combination of NLP, a Microsoft chatbot, and IBM’s cognitive technology means that processing errors are eliminated.

6 - iHCM 2.0

ADP’s unified payroll/HCM platform is offered in three configured options (complete HCM, standard HCM, and standard payroll), and is now mobile-enabled with an intuitive consumerized user interface like Facebook or Amazon. It updates in real-time. Other modules from ADP’s Cloud technology can be added. It is available in six languages, and has reach in 80 countries.

7 - InGenium

Hudson RPO’s proprietary, mobile-enabled recruitment platform (built on SalesForce), In Genium is an ATS, CRM, VMS and data warehouse in one, supporting RPO, MSP, and total talent programs. Features include: embedded social links, social scraping functionality, training documents, internal/external career sites, screening, assessments, recruiter productivity dashboards, and talent pooling capability. Being fully customizable, organizations can have their own instance of InGenium. There is also a rapid-deploy (in one day) version for use in short-term projects. 

8 - SkyAnalytics

Cielo’s analytics platform (part of its TalentCloud offering), was launched in 2017 and is built on the cloud-based Birst platform, giving visibility of all sources of data through a single platform. Organizations can choose the data they wish to see (so unnecessary data is filtered out), drill down to the data in two clicks, and access predictive analytics based on that data (whether own organizational data, other Cielo data, and/or wider market data).

9 - talentsource

Resource Solutions’ proprietary mobile-enabled recruitment platform, talentsource brings ATS, VMS and CRM functionality in a single platform for real-time management and tracking of an organization’s total talent resources (permanent, temporary, SOW), candidates, and third-party suppliers. It has a “two taps to apply” feature and takes candidates through fully-branded careers portals. talentsource has social media integration, talent pool building capability, data and analytics, and configurable workflows. APIs for Facebook and Google+ are currently in development.

9 ¾ - Payzaar

Payzaar has created a vendor-agnostic payroll marketplace platform, which it showcased in October 2017. It allows organizations to readily select (based on reviews similar to TripAdvisor) and collaborate with any local payroll expert around the globe in an open, transparent and secure environment. Organizations can bring their existing set of preferred local vendors into the marketplace, and later switch local vendors at any point in time, which naturally fosters healthy competition in the marketplace. Payroll data is imported from each of the vendors’ payroll engines, and standardized in format, allowing Payzaar’s reporting and analytics dashboard to deliver insights into the data across different countries (whether daily, weekly, monthly, annually, etc.). Organizations can drill down to the individual employee level.

There are checks and balances in place – e.g. for payroll processing outliers. Payzaar’s operations control panel provides central tools such as workflow management, compliance tracking, consolidated reporting, and KPI monitoring, so the client organization can monitor the status of each of its payroll vendors and manage the day-to-day payroll operations (via traffic light color warnings) across different countries, by individual payroll processing team member.

The Payzaar platform has been trialled with a number of organizations, but won’t be fully rolled out until 2018 – hence, it’s designation as Platform 9 ¾!

That’s just a snapshot of the latest developments from ten providers of HR outsourcing services and technology. Based on what we saw in 2017, I am really looking forward to what 2018 will bring. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a train to catch… Happy Holidays!  

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