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Vendor Analysis

by Rachael Stormonth

published on Dec 17, 2015

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Report Overview:

This NelsonHall key vendor asssessment consisting of 76 pages provides a comprehensive and objective analysis of Infosys' IT and business process services offerings, capabilities and market and financial strength.

Who is this Report for:

NelsonHall’s Key Vendor Assessment for Infosys is a comprehensive assessment of Infosys’ offerings and capabilities designed for:

  • Marketing, sales and business managers developing strategies to target service opportunities within the BPO/IT Services markets
  • Sourcing managers monitoring the capabilities of existing suppliers of IT outsourcing services and identifying vendor suitability for IT services
  • Consultants advising clients on vendor selection
  • Vendor marketing, sales and business managers looking to benchmark themselves against their peers
  • Financial analysts and investors specializing in the BPO/IT services sector.

Scope of this Report:

The report provides a comprehensive and objective analysis of Infosys’ IT and BPO offerings, capabilities, and market and financial strengths, including:

  • Identification of the company’s strategy, emphases and new developments
  • Revenue estimates
  • Analysis of the company’s offerings and key service components
  • Analysis of the profile of the company’s client base including the company’s targeting strategy and examples of current contracts
  • Analysis of the company’s strengths, weaknesses and outlook.

Key Findings & Highlights:

“Renew the core business, innovate into new businesses”

Infosys CEO Dr. Vishal Sikka has consistently spoken of the drive to:

  • Both “Renew the core business”, through:
    • The application of automation, robotics and AI in BPO, applications services and infrastructure services. In an acceleration of various efforts in recent years to reduce the cost to serve in the BITS parts of the portfolio, recent significant developments include IAP and the acquisition of Panaya
    • An increased focus in product engineering services on IoT and areas such as predictive maintenance, machine learning, intelligent and adaptive systems. In product design combining techniques in CAD and software development
    • The application of design thinking (DT) in consulting services
  • And also “innovate into new businesses”, where Infosys is seeking to differentiate in its offerings portfolio and elevate its client relationships. Initiatives include:
    • New offerings, many of them platform-based
    • A large investment fund for tech start-ups. This is a new kind of activity for Infosys, which traditionally preferred the home-grown approach.

Five Year Goals

Infosys financial targets for FY 2020 include

  • Revenues of at least $20bn
  • An operating margin of at least 30%.

The Key Vendor Assessment looks at the implications of the aspirations underpinning these goals on corporate strategy.


Table of contents:

Table of contents:

  • Strategy
  • Background
  • Financial Analysis
  • Organization Structure
  • Target Markets
  • 5.1 Financial Services
  • 5.1.1 Banking and Financial Services (BFS)
  • 5.1.2 Finacle
  • 5.1.3 Insurance
  • 5.2 Manufacturing
  • 5.3 Energy, Communications and Services
  • 5.3.1 Communications Service Providers
  • 5.3.2 Energy and Utilities
  • 5.3.3. Public Sector:
  • 5.4 Retail/CG/Logistics
  • 5.5 Life Sciences and Healthcare
  • 5.7 India
  • 5.8 Europe
  • Key Offerings
  • Outsourcing 
  • 6.1.1 Application Management Services
  • 6.1.2 IT Infrastructure Management Services
  • 6.1.3 Business Process Services
  • 6.1.4 Infosys Products and Platforms
  • 6.2 Professional Services
  • 6.2.1 Consulting and Systems Implementation
  • 6.2.2 Testing Services
  • 6.2.3 Product Engineering Services
  • Strengths and Challenges
  • 7.1 Strengths
  • 7.2 Challenges
  • Emphases & New Developments in FY 2016
  • Outlook

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